Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oink Oink

Well 3 out of 5 of us got our Swine/H1N1 vaccination today. Ben did not. And Miles did not. Miles didn't fall into the first class of people to get immunized. You kidding me? The most likely person in my family to catch the bug ? Seriously people. Whatever, I just hope the school gets the vaccines before he gets the H1N1. I overhead a teacher say there are 9 kids out right now in the school due to H1N1.

When the whole scare of swine flu came out, I didn't understand why it was made such a fuss. The death rate was less than a normal seasonal-flu rate. But it was all over the news. Weird. But now, I never hear anything about it; yet, it's effects are worse. The death rate is definitely more than the seasonal-flu. It is affecting healthy, young people pretty bad, too. Yuck. So all of a sudden I got freaked out about it. When calling about the vaccines our pediatric office told me, "Don't come here for your vaccines, we're swimming in the swine flu." Oh gosh. So we went to the community's health center and got the nasal mist. Jonas FREAKED out. Emmy was freaked out watching Jonas freak out. And, truthfully, I wasn't too excited. But it wasn't even bad. I mean, getting salt water up your nose is way worse than the mist. I had even thought the mist was worse than shots for my kids (since they have to do TWO nare-mists). But then I just realized my kids are freaks. And freakishly cute:

(this is how he chose to watch "The Letter Factory."

Like. Totally. Cute. (in an 80's way) :)

Here's hoping none of my cuties or your cuties get sick this season.


rebecca said...

We are in the process of getting our immunizations here too. Three down, four to go.

Letter Factory is the BEST video ever made for preschool kids. It's amazing.

emily said...

you recommended me the video and it THE BEST for sure.

erinmalia said...

i love the skirt. it looks so texas on her. :)

i {heart} hawkes said...

that side pony rocks. you're kids are always so happy in pictures. too funny about the mist. wonder how mine would do. we step one foot into the pediatrician's office and zig cries as she associates the place with getting shots. hmmm....

rebecca said...

Funny. Of course I don't remember who I recommend it too. Everyone, I guess. Glad you like it. Glad your kids like it.