Friday, October 23, 2009

Where the Wild Things Truly Are

Miles has been out of school since Wednesday this week - due to parent-teacher conferences. As a result of having a teacher that teaches at 2 different schools, and an afternoon kindergarten class, Miles had Wednesday and Thursday and Friday off. So I had thought about doing a fun "field trip" for the kids. I had planned to go to the Dinosaur Museum, then unplanned it. But came Thursday morning I decided to go. It's about 75 miles away, so it's a decent trek there. But my boys (especially Miles) are really into dinosaurs at the moment and so I thought it would be a neat trip. I sort of thought wrong. My boys (again, Miles especially) were beyond scared at the real-looking dinosaurs - especially the meat-eating T-rex that was actually depicted eating meat. The nerve. The boys were pretty much ballistic. Miles kept saying, "I just like looking at the dinosaur bones," as opposed to real-life ones. They even started us out at the museum watching a video, but we had to leave as Miles started freaking out.

We had moments we could enjoy, as long as we weren't too close to the scary-looking dinosaurs or the dinosaurs that moved or even the [funny] dinosaur that squirted water from its mouth. If we had to go past said dinosaurs, the boys would madly dash at lightning speeds. It was insane. They were insane. Literally, I had never seen Miles run so fast as when we were ready to leave and had to go past the T-rex (one of Miles' favorite dinosaurs, ironically enough). Wow, that boy could have a career in track. So it turned out to be a long day for me. But at least it was a change of pace. So it was good. We did have moments of enjoyment and pleasure:

Indeed, the highlight of the trip was the store. Yep, the store. Miles was so excited to find this book - a book he has at his school library. He loved it. The store was neat and very, very un-scary.

See all the books? So cool.

This is what Miles likes - more anatomical views. Emmy didn't really care, nor was scared. A few times, after she saw the boys freaking out and thought she should freak out, she asked me to hold her. That was all. No wild dashes. No screams of terror. If only her brothers could have been "big" like her. :)

This was another highlight: the serene dinosaur "dig." We had fun and spent lots of time in here.

Emmy just goes with the flow - sometimes. :)

Miles was really into this as well. He does want to become a paleontologist. Which will probably be okay since he doesn't think bones are scary.

A non-threatening stegosaurus.

An earthquake simulator. The "floor" shook. It was pretty cool and, again, we spent a lot of time on this.


Miles wants to go back so he can buy some stuff in the store. But I told him at least a dozen times that I am not going back any time too soon. . . not until he's at least 12. . .


erinmalia said...

is it wrong that i was laughing the entire time while reading this? oh man, it's just funny.

and i'm with you: LOVE that video of emmy. too bad you can't frame that and put it on a wall.

emily said...

nah, that's okay you're laughing at your poor miserable sister. ha, kidding. it was a little funny - even then i was laughing, in between my complete exasperating sighs and rolling of eyes.

i {heart} hawkes said...

i agree, the video is too cute! how funny about the boys. perhaps the life size dinos are a little on the bigger than they expected size...fun post. also love the ReAL shirt.

Nicole said...

How fun!