Sunday, November 01, 2009

The. Best. Halloween. Ever.

That's what Miles said in the car on the way home from trunk-or-treating: "Mom, this is the best halloween ever." Funny boy.

The whole family. Ben and I went as "Ghosts of Ben's football past." We were wearing his jerseys from his days off pee-wee football. I didn't realize how fat, ugly, and old I looked until I saw this picture. Too bad I didn't see this until after. Oh well!

Here are the kiddos: dragonfly, scary ghost, and witch.

Man does she look horrid! And she was - she wasn't too happy when we got her up from her nap. But she really did look adorable - when she was happy - in her cute witch costume. It was the first dress I have ever made by myself. It's only worthy of a costume, however. It was so fun getting her costume together.

Jonas looked great. Jonas likes to look a little "edgy" I think, so Ben did a great job in making him a spooky ghost.

And Miles. Our dragonfly. All his idea. I was actually really, really pleased how his costume turned out. He had a little "tail" in back, too. He made a great "bzzzz" noise to go with his costume. And he even won a prize at trunk-or-treat for Most Creative costume, or something like that. He was a very, very happy boy.

We met up with Batman and Ariel, neighborhood friends, and went to a few houses on our block. Not many people were home, though. But it was fun nonetheless.

Coming home after a full day.

The Best Day, according to Miles.


erinmalia said...

oh man, your kids are so stinking hilarious. i love emmy's green eyebrows! is it mean to say that i really see a lot of you in her when she looks like that?! ha.

and i love jonas' edginess. and miles looks awesome. what a fun bunch of kids!

Nicole said...

how fun! you all look great! i had to wake up molly from a nap a couple days ago, and she probably had a similar face to Emmy :) hate that.

megan said...

Emily you are much, much too hard on yourself! Everybody looks great. I especially like the dragonfly. I was lame and didn't do a costume this year. I just told people I was a frazzled, sleep deprived mom of a newborn for Halloween.

i {heart} hawkes said...

wow how fantastic are their costume?! love them all. emmy as a witch looks adorable. i'm glad not needing the red skirt worked out since i ended up using it for wonder woman. jonas is so funny and really the dragonfly, truly creative. looks like fun had by all. you and ben are great sports too.

Mindy said...

I LOVE them all! You are such a fun mom! You and Ben look great too.