Sunday, November 29, 2009


Friday morning we lucked out with having the warmest morning of my entire stay. We did family pictures for my parents since their 3 kids were all there, as well as their 4 grandchildren. It was a real sunny day - which was good for warmth, but bad for looking in to the sun. The kids were funny. Emmy topped it all by falling face-forward in a mud puddle and getting her entire front-side soaked and muddy. Ben cleaned her up good enough to get some more shots, including the ones below.

Here we are. I, of course, don't like how I look, but overall everyone else looks really great. And check out Miles. Too funny.

Another pretty good one. Although Miles is chewing on his sweater - we couldn't stop him. It turned out to be an okay experience and nice for the kids to wander about outside.

Later in the afternoon we all went swimming. The kids LOVED it. Emmy all of a sudden turned against me and would only go to Ben or Aunt-E. Silly kid.

Derek flew out that evening and Erin and fam. had a red-eye flight. It was great to be all together again!


erinmalia said...

thanks for posting everything so now I don't have to!

courtney said...

ooh, i have lots of catch up! first of all, i agree with you: grandma phyllis's are pretty fantastic! love that ben got to see hhs playing football...and his old coach. i loved him too (the coach) - - but you didn't name names so i won't either (just in case it was deliberate?) nothing better than a turkey trot on thanksgiving morning. and the family pictures are great! does anyone ever like how they look in pictures? not me. and ben looks SUPER tall in that first picture. :) love it. glad you had such a fabulous thanksgiving. and if you have great ideas for gifts for december birthdays, send them my way! we have a couple of those around here...