Thursday, November 05, 2009


So we have gotten a few hand-me-downs from friends lately and, as always, it's a great blessing. We get great clothes.

We got quite a few PJs for Emmy and so that has been fun since PJs are by far the cutest of clothes, I think. There is nothing better than a sweet little child in his or her PJs - getting ready for bed, of course.

So we got this one for Emmy:
We've never had her in a "dress PJ" before and I love it (nightgown?). (The shoes were some hand-me-downs, too. Emmy LOVES shoes - her daddy's girl for sure.)

It reminded me of the greatest PJs that I ever owned - and, well, since my sister and I were pretty much dressed up as twins for the first 8 or so years of my life, my sister had a similar PJ. They were of the nightgown style and had an ice cream cone on it. But not just any ice cream cone - our cones had like 20 scoops or something. All of different ice cream flavors - mint, strawberry, etc. I think, correct me Erin, the PJs had the names of all the ice cream flavors to the side of each scoop.

Tangent: Speaking of PJs, you should see the PJs my husband bought at a second-hand store. Better yet, don't see them. (Ben thought at $5 they were a steal. My only thought: "no wonder somebody didn't want them. . .")

Anways, I love memories.


erinmalia said...

yes, i believe "nightgown" is the correct term for dress pajamas. :)

and oh man, i totally forgot about those pajamas! at first i thought you'd mention those with the frogs and the bum flaps. ha. i don't have a picture of either; do you?

emily said...

oh the frogs. i love those, too! i don't think i have a picture - i'll look thru my books tonite, though. :) funny that we have vivid memories about our PJs; i don't think i have any clothes that i really remember.

raedene said...

Holy CRAP. I just got to catch up on you guys. You are one busy, busy lady. Love the costumes.... Love the Ouray trip.... Love the Crap Plane. That's one that I can't quit saying. :) You're amazing. (Just in case you haven't heard that lately)