Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quote of the Week

So I got some super-steals at Walmart last nite. Costumes for $1.40 - that were regularly and ridiculously priced at $17. I got a little army get-up for Miles (he's all of a sudden taken an interest in the army), a motor-cross racer for Jonas, and a cowgirl for Emmy.

They all love it - especially the boys. Jonas had to wear his "helmet" part of the costume on the way to taking Miles to school (and is now napping in the outfit). On the way home he was running really fast and said this about his helmet:

"I have to wear this when I run so I don't get sawdust in my eyes."
(Ben has been working on some bookshelves and so we have a lot of sawdust in our garage. . .)

It just made me smile. I love that bald-headed Jonas.


erinmalia said...

i hope jonas insists on still wearing it two weeks from now!

emily said...

well it did wear it last nite to sleep in. . .

emily said...

"he" did, not "it did."