Sunday, November 29, 2009

Root, root, root for the Home Team (or not)

This was the first time our little boys had seen a live football game. They had maybe seen about 25 minutes of football on tv before this, so they didn't know much of what to expect. But they had a lot of fun playing on the bleachers and with their pom-poms. The night before the game I was telling them about going to the game the next day and Jonas commented, "I'm going to be scared if Daddy falls down." I informed him that Daddy would not be playing (tho I am sure he oh-so wanted to).

Ben LOVED the game. An understatement. Ben's true love of sports was/is football. And the neat thing about this game? It was our town's HS versus Ben's HS - in a quarter-finals game. How cool is that. Ben was definitely rooting for his alma mater. And they won. Ben even got to visit with his wrestling coach that is still the wrestling coach as well as an assistant football coach. Ben's parents came out for the weekend and so Ben's dad got to go with the boys, too. I think it was a fun afternoon for them all.

We had a wonderful time with Ben's parents. It's always good to have family around just doing the routine with us: playing with the kiddos, walking Miles to and fro school, cooking meals, going out to dinner, etc. I'll have to post some more pictures when I get some more.

I headed out Tuesday morning with the 3 kids up to my parents' place. Jim and Diana left that morning as well. Ben came later the next day. I'll try posting the Thanksgiving week activities now as well. . .

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