Sunday, November 08, 2009

Strangers Amongst Us

The Strangers:

Yes, we did this on purpose. And if you know me, you know this is HUGE. I unrighteously take great pride in my boys' hair. I LOVE[d] their long beautiful hair.

So why on earth did we do this (both were done today - Jonas before church, Miles after)? Well Jonas got a bad haircut months and months ago where the beautician did some heavy layering. I haven't liked his hair since. Then a couple weeks ago Jonas cut his own hair (again) right on top of his head and sheared it about 1/2 inch from his scalp. So today I gave Jonas a trim and Ben thought I made it look too much like a mullet. So I cut a lot from his neck area and he ended up looking like a girl - due to all the layering his haired curled under. It was a good cut. . . for a girl. Jonas had asked us several times to cut all his hair off and so we thought, why not now? We'll purge the hair and then let it grow back in all nice and even and beautiful again.

It's hard to get used to, but Ben and I love it on our children. They look adorable! Of course I still want them to grow out their hair, but it's fun for now. Jonas cried and cried for a bit after the haircut, but I think it was due more to being tired of having to sit for so long and have his cut. He now loves it.

Emmy honestly did not recognize Jonas when she got up from her nap (a nap where you don't nap, I guess, is still called a nap) before church. It was fun. Then she laughed. :)

Miles was jealous of Jonas being able to rub his hands all over his head, I think, and so decided he wanted to buzz his hair off, too. His beautiful curls!? Well his hair is so beautiful and so lovely, but only for the first 20 minutes of his 3 xs a week baths. Then he just gets a big bird's nest in it. (One day I told him birds were going to nest in his hair and he was thrilled! Wrong thing to say to a boy who loves, loves, loves birds.)

Miles loves his hair, as does Jonas. They are silly and giddy. Miles thinks he looks like a monkey. I agree. A very cute monkey.


erinmalia said...

this is just nuts! they look awesome though. i love it.

but wait...you have a son who LOVES birds?! how did this happen? don't tell me they love horses too.

Mindy said...

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe how different they they look! You have THE cutest boys! They look older. . . can't wait to see it when it grows back. Do you think they will start to want it like this all the time?

emily said...

erin - yes i have a boy that adores birds (in fact, ben just told me he wanted to keep all his hair and make a real bird's nest. funny). horses? do i hate horses too? i don't hate horses - just riding them, really. cuz i'm a wuss.

and mindy, i have no idea if they will want this all the time?! i kind of hope not, though it is fun for a change. miles wanted it so he wouldn't have to get a hair cut in a long time, or brush out his snarls. :) we'll see!

megan said...

I'm shocked! But they look great! I love it when my boys get their heads buzzed. I agree with Mindy, it always makes them look older.

courtney said...

my confession: due to the title of your post, i looked at the photos and thought you had family come in from out of town - - and i couldn't believe how much your boys looked like their cousins! then i read your post. :)

we are also a fan of the buzz cut...mostly because we have to be. thanks to his father, sam's hair grows bigger, not longer.

Niederfam said...

WOW!!!! That is HUGE......it's a good thing they are HANDSOME either way!!! Two cute monkey's I'd say!!!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

So ADORABLE! Now they belong in th Strong family with our short hair cuts! Miles looked totally different too! Handsome fella's!