Sunday, November 29, 2009


Erin, Chuck and I started our morning with a fun 5K+ run (I say + because it was a little more than a true 5K) in Park City. It was super fun! The entrance fee was canned goods - loved that (thanks for the cans, mom!). We all had a good, brisk, morning run.

Then we came home and just hung out (well my mom was busy the entire time getting everything ready) and helped a little. Then we had family over - about 26 in all, I think. It was great. A lot of people, for sure, but it was good to see some of my family that I really hardly ever see anymore. The kids did pretty well and played a fun game of playing turkeys "Gobble, gobble" and then getting chased back into the room by the T-Rex (aka, Jonas). Awesome. That night we all just hung out and watched The Office. It was a grand and lazy evening after a grand and busy day.

Before the race. Erin made us these great shirts - we got quite a few positive comments. They even say our names on back. Which was funny because as Erin and I were running we heard some other racers say, "Go Erin and Emily!" We thought we had run in to some friends, but nope, just literate runners. :)

And after. So fun! I especially loved the hot chocolate at the end. Perfect.

Here is the kid-table. The true kid table. I sat in the "middle table." No longer a kid, but not the oldies either. A good place to be. Aren't they all so cute? (Rhett was somewhere else? Either the high-chair or running around.)

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rebecca said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Emily! What a darling family. How wonderful you were all together. I LOVE your turkey shirts!