Sunday, November 01, 2009


Well not really tricked but surprised. I planned about a month ago to surprise Ben and take him to Ouray to stay for a night. My parents agreed to help out and come over to watch our kids (Ben knew my parents were coming, but not the real reason why). So on Thursday night I told Ben that I had arranged some time off of work for him on Friday. I didn't tell him what we were doing - I guess he thought we were going to go grocery shopping or something together. But when he came home early from work he saw our bags packed and me ready to go and giving instructions to my mom for our kids. So we went to Ouray, shopped around a little bit, ate out at dinner, went in the hot-tub with amazing mountain-views, played scrabble, ate breakfast at our B&B, etc. Oh it was nice. Divine.

This was our hotel/B&B. It was great. I think it was built in the 1890s. Very victorian-styled on the inside. Very beautiful.

Handsome Ben at dinner. Oh he is good-looking.

Here we are in our "sitting area" of our room. Playing scrabble. Love it.

One of the best things for me is to get up in the morning and head out running with Ben. It's so much fun. We such a bunch of deer wanting to run away from us.

Soooo cute. And the mountains are pretty nice, too.

It was a fabulous little get-away. My parents did great, too, with our kids. So it was pretty much perfect.


erinmalia said...

next time take me. :)

Nicole said...

fun! what a nice wife you are!

courtney said...

oh, i love ouray and i love that you got to escape there together!

Niederfam said...

so fun, i'm glad you got him surprised too, that's the BEST part!!!! jealous. who won the scrabble game??? ;)

Mindy said...

That sounds so fun! We need a getaway.