Thursday, November 12, 2009


so i was writing an email to ben and thought i should post it as well. but, honestly, don't read it. it's gross. it's literally about my kids' poop and barf. i just thought since my blog serves as my journal, that the email i sent to ben was a pretty good journaling of my day with sickos. it's just for my sake to remember the good and not-as-good times with my kids.

so, really, you don't need to read it.

"here is an update of our day:

the house is still messy - well messier since you cleaned up the downstairs last nite. i haven't even put away the stuff upstairs. maybe i will? maybe i won't?

i feel a little cruddy. not like the kids - sore throat is still bugging me, headache is finally leaving after some excedrin. i'm tired.

miles - doing a little better. yucky poop earlier this morning. no poop nor barf since. he's always saying, "i think i'm going to barf," but hasn't all day. i think every time his tummy gurgles ("mommy, why is my tummy doing that?) he thinks he is going to barf. he perked up a little bit, enough to get on his army garb. then he promptly took it off, saying "i think i'm going to barf" (of course). he didn't (of course). he did have 1/2 of a saltine (when offered him one, he said, "half") and a little bit of a pumpkin ice cream smoothie for lunch. little bit as in 2-3 T. worth.

jonas - was doing the best in the morning. the only one of the kids who ate breakfast. played hard and normal. then crashed around 11. just sat curled up on the chair. his tummy is now really hurting him. he didn't have anything for lunch - just some water. he's tried to poop 2 times, but with not much success. he doesn't look happy at all. poor kiddo.

emmy - tiny diarrhea in her diaper this morning. didn't really eat snack, but did finish off her pumpkin ice-cream smoothie (surprised?) for lunch. lots of whining, but i can't really tell if it's more than usual or not?

i told you this AM my plans were just to watch TV all day with them. :) but we didn't so much. they got to watch "dora" for the first time this morning - it felt weird letting them watch TV at 7:30 in the morning - have we ever done that? anyways, after that we just attempted breakfast, then read lots of books. well, really, just miles' new "science question" book - and really only miles stuck around for all of it. jonas and emmy were destroying the house as usual (i especially loved it when i heard jonas exclaim: "my gum fell down the vent!" to which i said, "well get it out," to which he said, "my arm isn't long enough," to which i said, "well then figure out how you are doing to get it," to which he got a wooden stick and pried up his gum). after the reading of books we attempted snack - nobody really ate. miles took 2 bites of a banana (i've explained the BRAT diet to him) and the rest had a few sips of the apple cider, with exception of emmy who drank it all of course.

then i made a bunch of the paper dinosaurs for miles and jonas. and got real frustrated with emmy as she markered and crayoned all over everything she is NOT suppose to - table and chairs. grrrrr emmy. jonas colored himself up pretty good - "i want to look like a tiger." he kind of does. then he drew a stegosaurus on his tummy. wow.

then we just hung out, played with dinos, tried lunch, etc. the kids did watch about 45 min. of "bugs bunny" type shows - remember that dvd we bought a while ago?

now they are all upstairs sleeping. poor kiddos. i think miles and hopefully emmy are on the mend. i think jonas still will get worse before he gets better.

wow, is that a TON to read. sorry. but i am dying to take a shower, so i best go!

love you.

love, me."


erinmalia said...

hmmm...i wonder if there's a good explanation about tummy rumblings. or maybe a good youtube video! that would be cool.

i {heart} hawkes said...

what a day sharing the love and the stomach bugs. hopefully everyone will be on the mend shortly.

raedene said...

I love that I'm not the only one with poop and puke woes. :) And runny noses to boot. Love it! Love the boys hair! :)

Mindy said...

I love reading about real life! great post and I love your writing style.