Sunday, November 29, 2009


Both my brother and sister were at my parents' too, so it was some good times to be with everyone. Wednesday we went to Wheeler Farm and visited the animals. One of erin's best-friends met us there with her 2 little girls, so we had a lot of fun. After that, we went over to my Grandma Phyllis' house to eat our snack lunches. Then it was back home. Here are some Wednesday pics:

When we got to the farm we were practically charged by these birds. Holy scary - for the adults at least. Miles loved it, as well as the other kids. My dad hated it! He stayed pretty far away. I warmed up a little bit. :)

Cute boy on a tractor with Scary-looking Hand. :)

My kids atop and inside a tree-house.

Checking out the mama pig and her piglets. Oh Rhett was SO devastated when we left the pigs.

The group - well those of us 62 or younger. :)

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