Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Kissing cousins.

Emmy feeding Rhett.

Eating breakfast at Grandma's little kids table.

I so love this boy! And his mom, too, of course. But man that Rhett is hilarious. Such a cutie. This is his polite "no" face. When you ask him to do or say something and he doesn't want to, this is what he does. Every time. It's the best.

Cute, cute, cute, cute.


rebecca said...

What is a "polite no" face! That is hilarious! What a cutie. Cute cousins everywhere!

erinmalia said...

ooooh, i love our kids!

Meg said...

Love all the pictures. Greg was looking at the family ones you had taken and commented how "huge" Ben looked (meaning tall, not fat). I had to remind him of the height of everyone in your family. I think I'd look huge in your family too, although fat might be more the hugeness than the tall at this point.
There is a reason I am up at this hour. Hopefully I will have a new post soon!