Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Early Christmas

So on Wednesday morning I {half} jokingly asked Miles and Jonas, "So what did you guys make for mom and dad for Christmas?" Nothing was pretty much the reply, but they did go off on how they were going to make something reeeeeal special. Then that was forgotten for a few hours as a fort was constructed and unconstructed {by Emmy of course} several times.

However, later in the morning Miles banned me from the daisy room because they were going to make our presents. Then they wrapped them up. Miles and Jonas wanted me to "open" them then but I told them to wait until Christmas. Well that was okay until Ben came home; they were too excited and had to have us open them then.

How cute and sweet and actually thoughtful:

Our presents are all constructed of pipe cleaners. Ben is holding a "sailboat" made by Miles. Jonas made him something - I'm not sure what? It looks like a big brown ball. Then I am holding some adorable "flowers" made by Miles. And in the other hand I am holding a "rocket" made by Jonas. We LOVE them.

p.s. Miles took the picture.


erinmalia said...

those are so great! tell the boys "good job." also, what a little photographer you have! i expect to see more pictures of the two of you now.

Megan said...

LOVE IT!!!! I wish my kids were that creative! Although I will say that Levi did put a little thought into his gift for Lexi - he took 2 puzzles out of his closet he thought she would like, wrapped them up, and gave them to her. My sister used to do the exact same thing - "steal" things from us a few months before Christmas, and then low and behold, they would reappear on Christmas morning. :)