Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jonas' Birthday!

Yea! I just love my kids' birthday - a chance to make them feel special. :) I love it. It was a very busy and very delightful day:
Waking up to the traditional birthday-streamers!

"How old are you Jonas?"

His first present of the day - and really he couldn't have been more excited. :) I started making Emmy an apron the other day and Jonas kept telling me, "I want an apron." He even lamented to my sister, "Aunt-E," while she was here that she didn't make him an apron (she had made Miles an apron years ago. . .). So I got some old fabric and made this for him.

Here he is helping make his birthday cake.

Of course.

Love it!

Now on to opening presents. Doesn't he look so happy and excited. Oh I love him.

He loved, loved, loved his gun. He got some other neat gifts, too (including another favorite: remote-control motorcycle that he picked out with his gift-card from G. Max and G. Diana). But this one was pretty special.


For lunch we went to McDonalds and had fun there. Emmy was lucky to have her brothers there - Miles especially. He helped her climb up all the stuff to get to the slides. It was so cute and sweet.

The still happy birthday boy!

Miles had a super fantastic day, too! (p.s. I think Emmy is behind him. Miles has her foot I am pretty sure. :)

While Emmy napped the boys got to watch some Max and Ruby Christmas DVDs. Yes, they watched lots of movies! Oh well. It makes up for the whole year when they don't get to watch much at all, right? Jonas lasted for a while, but then had enough and told Miles: "Miles, I am going to go and play now, okay?" Cute.

Later on we went to Walmart and the kids all got to pick out a little something. Miles and Emmy had gotten a few dollars from their grandparents (and great-grandma) and so they were able to pick out something too. Jonas, like I said, picked out a motorcycle toy. Fun times!

The day ended with dinner (breakfast-fare so Jonas could eat Cheerios) and then having our friends over who have a 4-year old and a 2-year old as well. They came to visit and eat cake and ice cream. Oh such a fun day to celebrate our fun boy.


erinmalia said...

the gun makes me laugh! and that birthday cake looks awesome. good job.

megan said...

Was that blue chair stolen from a church? It looks just like the softer chairs that are sometimes in Relief Society rooms.

i {heart} hawkes said...

i had forgotten that jonas is a december baby. what a lucky sagittarius he is. the pics of the last few posts have been great. i love LOVE the pic of emmy kissing the frog. btw her hair is awesome, seriously let it go for as long as you can stand it because it's adorable.

Niederfam said...

i'm so glad my kid isn't the only one with a weapon fascination. happy birthday jonas!!! so fun.