Monday, December 14, 2009

My Dearest Jonas,

Oh Jonas. Where do I even start with you? How about in the middle? I really do worry about the middle-child syndrome and hope we are doing okay with you. I think a huge side-effect of you being the middle child is that you whine a whole lot. A whole lot. Especially this past week and so that is really on my mind right now. But Miles and Emmy both demand so much attention (in different ways), that perhaps the way you grab our attention is through whining. A whole lot. Did I already say that? So I'll try and be more attentive and see if that helps you whine less?
But even with your whines, I am totally in love with you. You're funny. You make me laugh out loud and that is one of the best things a person can do. Keep it up buddy.
Sometimes you mean to be funny and silly and goofy, and other times it just happens on its own. You're a delight. You make up all sorts of words. One that I can think of is "niggle." It's some sort of creature. At first it was faster than a T-Rex (and whoa did that make Miles mad). The latest is that it has a body like a tiger and horns like a rhino. Or something like that. You are very creative in your use of words and stories. One night, while camping this past year, we all took turns - once the lights were out - to tell stories. Mine was pathetic. Miles' was pretty predictable. Ben's was half-decent. But yours? Yours took the cake. I can't remember the details, but I do remember that it went on and on and on. You'd be a great author. Fiction, of course.

You continue to this day to mix up your words. They are always oh-so-close to the right words, but just not quite. It's hilarious. Just today you were calling a girl "Fall," when her name is really "Autumn." Oh Jo.

This past summer you actually learned to ride a bike without training wheels. Miles was a little too hesitant to be able to do it, but in your carefree way you just took off. Literally. You'd go zooming down the sidewalk, then turn onto the grass for a safe crash-landing. You did so well and really loved it. But we put the training wheels back on because you're a little too fast for us - especially when you haven't learned the concept of stopping. But this coming summer I have no doubt you'll be biking it all over town.

Several times this year you cut your hair. You. It was just little snips here and there - nothing too bad. (You even snipped a little of Emmy's hair.) But it just never seemed quite right since you scalped a tiny section of your hair. So we ended up buzzing it all off. You cried and cried afterwards, but I think it was just because you were tired of sitting and getting your hair cut. Once we left you alone for "rest-time" (a Sunday), you literally came out of your room a new man. I mean, a new boy. Seriously. You were giddy, jumpy, and couldn't stop rubbing your hands all over your head. You made it look so delicious that Miles decided to have his curly-locks cut, too. Now your big eyes are bigger than ever and you are still just as handsome.

You started a couple of "schools" this fall. We are now doing "mommy 'n me" school and that has been a lot of fun. I remember the first day you were just so excited, so excited to begin - and so excited! that i had gotten you your very own notebook. You just sat and wrote the letters of the alphabet. You are an eager student. You also do a "preschool" once a week with 4 other boys in our ward. It's fun and I think you have a great time!

One of the most vivid visual memories I have of you this past year happened at swimming lessons. You and Miles were together in a class. I had some trepidations the first time I went with the teacher. Mothers do, indeed, have intuition. Well to make a long story short - the teacher put you on a bar to hold on to (it was in the 4-feet deep end), and went to help another kid. Well you had never gotten a hold of it. So you were head under flailing in the water - I started loudly talking, "Get Jonas!" While I ran over to you. You got out and then barfed. It was pink. We had had a strawberry smoothie before class. I want to barf just thinking about it. You/me/Miles were done with lessons after that. For now. We'll do it again with more/better supervision.

Your smartness continues to shine brighter and brighter each day. A lot of it comes from your brother Miles, it's true. You learn a lot from him. And from The Letter Factory. And a tiny bit from me. You know all your letters - well all their sounds at least, and most of the names of the letters. You have even sounded out simple words on your own. As well as spelling out a word or two correctly. Your memory is very good and impressive, too.

You're a crazy swinger on our downstairs circular swing. You're quite talented on it, if I say so myself. You've come up with all sorts of wild and silly tricks. You like tricks and always want to show me some jumpy-twisty move that you just created. It's great.

But most of all you are great and we have great adventures with you.

I love you oh-so-much, Jonas.



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