Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, Santa and Sleepover

On Saturday we went downtown to see Santa. We all walked, except for cute Jonas who wanted to ride his bike.

Miles was really excited to see Santa. But also said, "I might be scared." But we got there and he wasn't at all. Both he and I were surprised. :) Miles told Santa he wanted a real bird. Then Santa interrogated him with all sorts of questions: "Who's going to feed it?" "Clean the cage?" "Talk to it?" Miles answered all with "Me." We have it on video and will use it when we need it. :)

So cute. I'm not sure all of what Jonas told Santa he wanted: a bird like Miles, bubbles perhaps?

(not a great picture of emmy and santa - but it's our only one) Emmy said she wanted a "candy cane" when asked. She had seen her 2 brothers get one, so it was only natural. :)

That nite we got the kids ready to watch Jack Frost, but first the kids enjoyed being "penguins." I don't quite get the connection of penguins and what they were doing, but whatever. I also don't recall penguins sounding quite like them either. But they had fun.

That nite we slept out under the tree. All except poor deprived Emmy. :) She went to bed and then the boys watched a few more little Christmas shows and then the 4 of us slept under the tree. It went pretty well!

Fun day and fun nite.

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erinmalia said...

the video is awesome. we're not at all sure what they're doing, but it's pretty funny.