Monday, December 07, 2009

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Happenings

Life is going too fast.

On Saturday evening we went to the Parade of Lights. I love this parade - it's big and bright, of course. :) There are tons and tons of trucks, cars, floats, trailers, horses, bands, etc. - all lit up with christmas lights. It's fun - and also cold. After an hour we had to head home because 1. we were cold and 2. I had to work that nite. But fun times.

Sunday. Fast and testimony meeting. Miles decided he wanted to go up and share his testimony. Ben asked him what he wanted to say (since a couple months ago he wanted to get up and tell people that smokers are bad, etc. Needless to say, we had a FHE lesson on what a testimony is and isn't - and that smoking is bad, but not smokers. . .) and it sounded okay. So Miles went up - alone. Ben felt that if Miles was going to do it, he was doing it by himself. I wanted to puke I was so nervous. But he got up there and said something like this, "I know this church is true. Sometimes we go to other churches and I know they are true, too." And by other churches he meant Grandmas' and Grandpas' churches. :) So cute and precious.

Also, Jonas gave his first talk in Primary. He had spoken before in Primary when he had the "Spotlight Bag." But he talked so goofy and so silly and so Jonas that is was pretty unintelligible and the kids laughed at his silliness. So he did not want to talk again because "I don't want them laughing at me." Oh sweet boy. So I told him that if he spoke normally nobody would laugh. And you know what? He did a great job. He's a sweetie.

Monday. The only time we could go and get our Christmas tree. (Check here and here for our past adventures.) I think this is our 6th year of chopping down our own tree. It was quite a snowy day and the roads were snow-covered, so we decided to try a different area that was closer to home. After one road was too scary for the wimpy-mom-with-kids-in-the-car, we turned around and went to a different spot. It was Perfect. The perfect place for our kids to run and play in the snow. They loved it. The had a "snow home" there and slid on the sled and, of course, ate the yummy snow. The only bummer thing? The dumb batteries we brought for our camera didn't work - they were brand new but, after further investigation, are only for "low-drainage devices." Apparently a camera does not fit that category. I was bummed. But we really had a great, great time.

Here are some pictures we did get today:

Getting ready - like father like daughter? Too cute. And, yes, Ben ok'd me in posting this picture. (P.S. Check out our AMAZING stockings handmade by my AMAZING sis.)

There she is - our Christmas tree! Compared to our others, she is huge! The tree is also a different variety of pine, a lower-altitude one (pinyon, perhaps?) and so it's just different. I really love it; it's fun.

Trying to get a decent non-flash picture with the lights on the tree. (you can click on this one for the bigger version)

My sister found these great 3-D image glasses that when you look at Christmas lights, a picture appears - like snowmen, santa, and snowflakes. I love them! And so do my boys. I think they spent about 30 minutes playing with them. They had to have all the lights off in the house except for the christmas tree lights. Super fun.

And in the middle of this crazy fun I got to work a 12 1/2 hour night-shift where I did not get to sit down for more than 1 minute for the first 6 or 7 hours. Blech. Ben taught in Elders Quorum. Ben wrote Jonas' primary talk. Meals prepared. Belated laundry started. And all the happenings that come with this thing called Life.


erinmalia said...

wow. you've been busy! first, the tree is totally different for you guys! i think ours is more charlie brown than yours.

second, i'm glad the kiddos like the glasses. we've been using ours around our house too.

third, the stockings look great there! glad they'll work out.

courtney said...

love the tree! this really is (i think) the most wonderful time of the year. :)

and i love the sleeping under the christmas tree idea! we'll have to see if sam will do it...

rebecca said...

fourth, ben in those jammies! only a real man can pull off that look. :)