Wednesday, December 16, 2009


(I meant to add this picture, but I didn't at first. And when I use Google Chrome it doesn't allow me move my pictures around. Grrrrrr. But I like using Google Chrome as opposed to Internet Explorer because it allows my pictures to be enlarged. But still grrrrr. So this picture is out of place. But I love it and wanted to use it. I especially love it because Ben is looking at me and smiling - well, okay, truthfully he's smiling at the camera, but oh well. . .)

So. . . we went to Littleton this past weekend and really had a fantastic time. We did things we've never done before over there - both with and without the kids - and so that was extra fun, too.

We drove over Friday evening and got there sometime before 10. Saturday morning Ben and I got to go running together. A rare treat. It was great. When we got back we got the kids ready and headed over to a light-rail stop near Ben's home. We got to walk over a huge over-pass path to get to the stop and so that was pretty exciting.

Here they are on the TRAX (or whatever Denver calls it). Emmy is ecstatic. But really it was fun. We only went to the next stop - a 3-minute ride. Perfect.
We got off at downtown Littleton and walked to the candy store, Sugar Rush. It's an adorable store. (I love, love Littleton's Main Street.) The kids got to pick out a candy. Miles found something he wanted and Jonas and Emmy picked the same. :) Doesn't it look Yummy hanging out of Miles' mouth?
Yummy for Jonas too.
Here's Emmy kissing a frog.

Then we headed home for lunch and nap for Emmy. The boys went out back and played in the snow for an hour or two. Then after we got Emmy up we all went to the front yard and the kids (and their dad) had a super time sledding.

Oh my. So cute.

Whoosh goes Jonas and Ben.

They even managed to go all together! Impressive.

Part One.

Part Two.

That evening the kids got to color these extra-large pictures. It's the neatest coloring book!

Aw, I love this picture.

On Saturday nite Ben and I and his parents went to see Oliver! at a local theater. It was so fun to go out and was such a cute, cute performance. How can you go wrong with adorable children in a play? It was a very enjoyable evening.


rebecca said...

So cute! Love the snow sledding pictures. Do you have a new camera or new skills? You got some great shots.

emily said...

ha, funny you say that - a lot of my pictures are ones that jim, ben's dad, took. jim is a photographer by trade. :)

erinmalia said...

i wondered if jim had a hand in some of those photos. :) and i love that rebecca called you on it!

the snow looks awesome.

rebecca said...

Not to say that you don't take great pics normally. :) I've been very observant of photos lately. I'm hoping for a NICE camera one of these days. Love my little point and shoot, but sometimes I want more. :)