Thursday, December 17, 2009

School happenings for Miles

Well Miles got to wear PJs to school today - I won't go in to all the details of how we forgot, had to run everyone back home so Miles could change, then while Miles was chaning the dog ran away, etc. . . Miles choose these PJs to wear - ones the Jonas usually wears. They were a bit small and snug, but he didn't know nor care. Too funny.

Then tonite we had a "Kindergarten carols" program at the school. Pretty cute.

Miles and others. The benefit of being short: front row.

Not the greatest of videos. Nor the most entertaining. But Miles is not entertaining while singing. . . because he doesn't sing. But he did have fun - despite looking like he was bored out of his mind.


erinmalia said...

rhett is spellbound! he loves the video. why doesn't miles sing?

emily said...

i really don't know except for his comment of "i don't like to." ha.

courtney said...

i am dying - miles PJ's are fantastically tight. oh kids. they really are quite entertaining. loved reading about jonas' birthday and i'm taking notes for sam's coming up in a few days. and littleton really does have the best main street, doesn't it? sigh. ps - love your family, but i request more pictures of you to appear in your blog! (i know, i know, the one with the camera never quite makes it into the photos...)