Monday, December 21, 2009

Why God Just Had to Create Eve

Because the above "Adam" says things like, "Well the tights don't quite fit, but I think they will work."

You serious?

Because even little eve knows that something just ain't quite right with them.

Ben had his birthday yesterday. I felt a little bad because it wasn't a spectacular birthday. Or even close. But Ben is a spectacular man, husband, and dad. And we do love him. A lot.


La Ron said...

This is hilarious and such a guy thing to do. Poor little Emmy she looks very confused as to how she is going to get around with those tights on. Good thing you were home to intervene.

I love you post with the sleepover in front of the tree. We do that with our kids every year as well and they love it.

erinmalia said...

i think as a joke you need to give some pants to ben that start at his crotch and have a crotch at the knees. okay? okay. or maybe i'll get them for him. hysterical.

courtney said...

that is hilarious. my sister and I were talking about this very subject just a few days ago! thank goodness for us ladies, right? :)

Niederfam said...

spoken like a soul who has NEVER worn tights, or something like that!!!! too funny. i love it.

i {heart} hawkes said...

oh man, i'm crying in laughter. i've totally been there myself. way funny.