Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ben Built a Bookshelf

A few months ago Ben started a big project: building a bookshelf. Here are a few pictures of the process:

In the beginning. . . This is the wall where it will be built. We were sad to have to cover up the beautiful pipe decor.

He took down the drywall to expose the 100-year old wood framing.

Voilà! I thought I had a few more "in between" shots, but I couldn't find them. :) So he's just about done - he needs to do some trim on the sides, but other than that it looks perfect to me.

Ben is amazing if you ask me. Even if you don't ask me, Ben is still amazing.


erinmalia said...

hmmm...so, uh, is ben amazing?

Just kidding! He IS amazing. The bookshelf looks awesome. We need to come visit to see it. Ha.

courtney said...

that is fantastic! ben was always great at whatever he tried - wish i could say the same for myself!

i {heart} hawkes said...

looks great! especially filled with books.

rebecca said...

Wow! What skill! It's beautiful. Great job, amazing Ben!

Mindy said...

I want one! My husband used to be a carpenter and I can't even get him to build me one. Ben IS amazing. It looks great! I think I really need to come see your house, everything you post looks so cute!

Niederfam said...

AMAZING!!!!! Nicely done!