Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year (pretty original)

So we spent the first day of 2010 doing things that we do about once a year. We took down Christmas decor. Now Ben keeps commenting on how "bare" our home looks.

We also went bowling. Which we do about once a year.
Honesty and hands-down the kids' favorite part was watching the ball come back up.

The kids got a nifty "dragon" to help them bowl. As well as bumpers. They were pretty hooked up.

Miles was funny bowling. He was pretty deliberate. Set up his "dragon" where he wanted it. Later on in the game he started running and then would push his bowling ball down. Fun stuff.
But Miles was pretty put-off the whole time seeing as he wanted his "own" bowling lane. Go figure.

Emmy took turns on Ben and my turns. She had a fun time, too.

We also went to Taco Bell. We maybe do this more than once a year - like maybe twice? Miles LOVES their tacos.

That's all.


Meg said...

I love traditions. We always get Chinese food on New Years. Something we also do about once a year. So we did it on Halloween too, but twice isn't bad.
Lator Gator!

erinmalia said...

i love that shot of all of them looking down the ball return. classic.

Niederfam said...

The ball return is a pretty cool thing!!! :) But I'm LOVING the dino ball slide.......I"m pretty sure my boys would dig it too!!! VERY FUN. Tell Miles next time he's here I'll take him to Taco Time, it's WAY better!!! ;)