Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I think my posts always slow down in January. It's just cold, brown, and ugly here. We don't get out too much. But here are some random pics for fun.

The boys' decorated room, or ceiling. Jonas thought it was "cool." They didn't last long up there, however.

The kids devouring herring. Seriously. Miles loves fish - especially sardines. The other kids, as well as their mom, aren't the biggest fans. But this herring stuff is really good - it has a smoked jerky flavor. Yum. I still can't believe Jonas ate it.

Jonas took a few pictures on Monday, I think. I think this is one of them.


erinmalia said...

maybe miles can get chuck to eat it. :)

courtney said...

i like fish, but troy "eats" pickled herring every new year. i don't like this. and really i don't think he does either, because he ate a little on new year's day and the rest is still sitting in the fridge. and will probably still be there in june.