Friday, January 08, 2010

Miles' 2nd Qtr Report

"Miles continues to excel in the classroom - he remains a top performer in the classroom, testing at or above Benchmark in all standards! He interacts positively with all students and regularly helps his peers in cleaning and activities. Miles has a great personality and I enjoy his presence in the class."

~Mr. James.



erinmalia said...

oh i was expecting so much worse. well, not worse, but maybe a comment about how he can't sit still. you know, because he's five? but good job miles!

Megan said...

He must not be related to his cousin, Levi... wish we had the same great comments. Instead we get things like, "He wasn't listening today in reading. He was asked 3 times to do ... and he didn't." "Levi kissed a girl today." "Levi kissed a boy today." "Levi licked a girl today." Agh!!!!

Niederfam said...

Now it's your turn to be PROUD. Awesome!!!!!