Friday, January 15, 2010

Oldies but Goodies (the pictures, not the people in them)

So these pictures are taken from Jim and Diana's cameras when they came out and visited us back in November. They are going to be in no particular order. But they are going to be A LOT.

Reading a book with Grandpa. "Those Darn Squirrels!" :)

Emmy taking a sip of homemade grape juice.

The boys going out for a walk.

Miles and his collection of rocks (I get rocks brought home everyday from the playground).

Look at Emmy's crossed-legs. :)

Giggling together is always a good thing.

Grandpa and Jonas at bedtime.

Grandpa and Miles at bedtime.

Love this picture.

Oh I LOVE this picture, too. So fun!

Such a great-looking group.

Cute Miles and adoring Grandma. :)

I love Jonas' face here.

Let's not forgot Wilson.

Miles loves this shirt, tho a little small, because of the bird on the sleeve of course.

Cute boy.

Cute Emmy and her mama.


erinmalia said...

fun. i love those with jim and diana.

courtney said...

love the pictures! the photos on the porch really are fantastic. what fun to have grandma & grandpa come to visit!

Mindy said...

LOVE all the pics. You can never have too many. You can definitely tell that some of these were taken by a professional photographer. :)

My favorites are the ones of you and emmy and the silly one of the kids with g & g on the porch. Love it!

As always, you're kids are adorable.

Meg said...

You're so lucky that your father-in-law is a great photographer. Cute! Cute!

i {heart} hawkes said...

the juice pic is great!