Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday on Skates

So Ben had done an awesome job of planning a date with me for this past Saturday - a babysitter and all was arranged. But then Miles came home on Thursday with a b-day party invite from a classmate for Saturday, so our date was canceled. :( (The only time our babysitter could come was right during the party)

So, instead, we took our family on our date and had a pretty good time (it would have been great had we not had an episode in the store with Miles).

We went ice-skating at an ice rink in Ouray (free).

There are no skate rentals in town. But we actually found a place in Ouray that rents out skates - but none small enough for our kids. But our kids had fun enough walking on the rink, going in the "warming hut" that was none too warm, etc.

It hadn't been plowed since the last couple inches of snow had fallen. So our boys had a great time shoveling for us.

Miles hard at work.

The ice skater. He's good and slick and handsome.

We put Emmy and Jonas in my skates and I "pushed" them around for a bit. :) They loved it.

Jonas, in fact, loved, loved, loved it. He wanted us to get him his own skates sooooo bad so he could do it all by himself. :)

It was always fun to play on the hockey nets.

Ben set this picture up. :) Ben loves ice hockey. We found this broken stick at the rink (tossed-out) and so Ben picked it up and will fix the top for our kiddos to have.

We finished up the day by going in to the town of Ouray, going to the toy store, and eating bagels for lunch. Fun stuff.


Mindy said...

That looks like so much fun! Sometimes famiy outings are just as good as dates, right? And you can't beat free!

erinmalia said...

was no one else there? that's pretty amazing. we never go anywhere where people aren't.

courtney said...

family dates! we've done our fair share of those. what a fun day!

Niederfam said...

friday and saturday night usually turn into family date night here too!!! ;) so fun, and YES, so exclusive......did he rent the place out too, and forget to mention it??? ;)

emily said...

there were only 2 other people there. it's not a "popular" place to go. not sure why, though? it's pretty great. i'm sure we'll be there more and more as our kids get older and older. if ben has his way. :)

i {heart} hawkes said...

emmy is so good to wear her gloves. my girls NEVER keep them on longer than 10 seconds.