Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fun

Little updates on my kiddos:

Emmy is just a delight. She is so sweet and fun to be around. She loves her brothers - when they are nice to her. She plays "grrrr-dinosaur" with them all the time. She likes to talk a lot now and mimics just about everything we say to her. She now sleeps in a "big kid bed" as she calls it. If I tell her she is a "big girl," she says, "No, big kid."

Jonas is really fun to be around, too. Unless he's whining. Then I don't want to be around him, truthfully. He's a pretty good listener. We still do our little "mommy 'n me school," but I have to figure it out more b/c he is different than Miles and so what I did for Miles isn't really working for Jonas. I haven't figured anything out, yet, though. He loves to ride his bike and is excited for the spring/summer and for when he can do it again without his training wheels.

Miles. I could spend the whole paragraph on negative things. But I won't. He is a great student and does very well in school. I haven't had a negative report in a very, very long time. He's a good kid. Oh Wednesday he gets to walk home 2/3 of the way by himself. And he's soooooo cute. He just runs the whole way until he meets me. I just smile the whole time seeing him. A while ago he got to the crosswalk before anyone else was there - including the crossing guard. Nobody was coming any time soon I could see, so I started walking towards him. I heard him yell calmly and nicely to me (shock - whoops, one negative), "No, mom! Don't come." He then waited until some mother and her child were at the crosswalk and crossed with them. Then, of course, ran up until he met me. :)

And here are some videos for your viewing pleasure:


erinmalia said...

rhett says, "watch emmy again." ha.

how is jonas different?

and i love that you're singing christmas songs, at valentine's, wearing halloween costumes (or so it looked).

emily said...

jonas loves books, but not "educational books." books like the "eyewitness" book that have neat pictures and descriptions. i could sit with miles for 1/2 hour - 1 hour looking and learning. jonas won't have any of that. so school tends to be real short. i gotta figure something out!

and, yes, halloween costumes for sure.