Thursday, February 25, 2010

i set up our house to get vandalized

so we were coming home from taking miles and i notice 2 kids at ________ (i'll leave the address out of my post) - i think they were trying to throw snowballs at cars. i knew they were punks and i KNEW they were gonna knock down our snowman's head. i just knew it. well i didn't see them, but i did see them vanish from my view and then reappear. so i grabbed up emmy and started walking fast and . . . behold our snowman was beheaded and one of the kids had littered their trash on our yard (which i had seen him drinking).

so i was classy and yelled at them - they had crossed the street and were past that nurse-lady's house (i forgot her name). i thanked them and then called them lame. i don't know if they knew what i was saying?

so then i got even classier and stupider and got the 2 kids in the car and drove to _______, i think. one kid was still there and so i handed him his trash and told him to stay off my property. he just had this retarded look on his face.

well at least i could pick him out in a line-up, right? sheeeeesh.

i also want to write the alternative school and let them know that their students are living well up to their reputations. but maybe i shouldn't.

anyways, thought i'd tell you. sorry!

love you.

love me.

(some background info: this is a letter i just sent off to ben. we have had our snowman beheaded once before and i know it was done by kids from the same alternative school, if not the very same boys. i know kids will be kids. and i know this is pretty harmless. but really? these high-school/alternative school kids know that 99% of snowmen are probably made for/by/with little children. and i find people who cannot respect little ones despicable. harsh, i know.)

(so - pray for our house that we don't get rocks thrown through it again, or worse. also, pray for my cousin's preemie who has been admitted to the hospital with RSV. she is a tiny babe and so this is not the best of situations. and, please, if you only have time for one extra prayer tonite, pray for the little babe. :)


Niederfam said...

Already praying for little Ali of course, and YES, i'll pray you aren't vandalized continually or worse next time!!! STOOPID kids, it's a naughty word, one I don't allow my children to use, but in this case, it seems appropriate. Forgive me!!!! ;)

Nicole said...

You are so sweet! Too bad you aren't my nurse :) although you are off the market anyway! Ali is doing better today and we hope she can come home maybe tomorrow!!

So sorry about your house! Dang kids. How dare they behead your snowman! That is just wrong unless it's your own kids!!

emily said...

good news nicole - i hope she comes home tomorrow!

and you are so right - MY kids can knock of the heads of THEIR snowmen (which they have done!), just nobody else. :)

courtney said...

LOVE that you yelled at those kids. sometimes i want to yell, but don't. i think your way is much healthier!

baby girl is in our prayers!