Friday, February 26, 2010

made by e for m

so hopefully i don't show miles the blog for a little bit. but my sister sent this link to me a while back and told me that her SIL had done Idea #10. i loved it! so my sister, ever so great, sent some blocks to me, along with the fabric-paint shirt package. (i don't have a single store here that sells blocks.)

so i started working on a puzzle for miles' birthday. i did 6 different types of birds on it - parakeet, duck, eagle, peacock, loon, and a robin. it's really neat, i think. :) of course when i took it out to take the pictures, i noticed how "rough" it really is. but i don't think miles will mind.

i think it will be hard for him, too, seeing as the blocks are a little small. but i think he'll love it and he'll love working on it with ben or me. :) i'm trying to convince ben to make a neat little wood box to store it in.

fun, fun, i can't wait for his birthday! i love special days.

here are 2 pictures of the puzzle:


Mindy said...

Fun! I love it! I think he will like it too. Maybe I will have to make something like this for one of my boys . . .

erinmalia said...

totally awesome. of course, i wouldn't have picked birds, but i guess for miles, maybe i would have. i hope he has hours and hours of enjoyment...for your sake. :)

Nicole said...

super cute! he will love them!

raedene said...

Wow. (That pretty much sums it up.)