Monday, February 22, 2010

Made by m, j, and e

So my sister is pretty great, in case you didn't know. She has done quite a few of "freezer paper stenciling" on some shirts recently. Check them out here (these were made by her husband) and here. She sent us a package that had some for our kids to make. She picked out a bird for Miles, a motorcycle for Jonas, and a puppy for Emmy. We all had a lot of fun working on them. We started out on the back and I thought I would let the kids do that all on their own, and then help/do the front for them - so it looked good for the front. But that didn't work out. The kids had too much fun and were way more creative, so they got to do both (well not Emmy - she's crazy with paints. So she did her back and then while she was sleeping on Sunday, I did her front.)

If I did them, they would have been different. Simple, clean, and precise. Which would have looked really nice, I think. But the kids wanted so much color and they didn't want to stop with just painting the stenciling part - they had to paint more and more. So I think their shirts turned out pretty awesome. They definitely think so and just adore their shirts! We will definitely be making some more at sometime.

So here's the front. Miles: I did help with the outline of the sun and the clouds. The bird was 90% done by him. I also did help with the flower stems. But he really did a lot of it. Jonas: Ben helped with the sun (we were covering up a splotch-mark). Jonas did the road, but later (with permission) I added the yellow lines. I also added the smoke coming out of the motorcycle - once again covering up a splotch-mark. Emmy: I did the front entirely. But I was told what to do by Ben. :) I would have probably done a simple brown dog. Ben thought I should make it more Dr. Seuss-ish. So I tried to do that with green polka dots and purple eyes.

Here are the backs. Miles did this all by himself. Jonas, too, I think. I helped Emmy make sure she got the outline all painted, but she obviously did the rest. :)



erinmalia said...

i LOVE it. seeing these is the only good thing about today. ha. but they turned out so much more creative that i ever would have done, so i'm glad that i turned it over to them! and the freezer paper stenciling was super easy, right?!

courtney said...

so cool!

i {heart} hawkes said...

how fun! they all look so proud of their artwork, and they should be.

Niederfam said...

so so so fun!!! genius, i really will have to give this a go!!!