Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Parents' Home

We left late afternoon last Thursday to go to my parents' home. We had a grand time hanging out, going on a few adventures, watching the Olympics, and visiting with friends and, of course, family. Here are a few pictures of our trip:

There is a man in Midway that creates these "ice castles." They are so beautiful and amazing and artistic. Wow.

Walking through one.

Friday afternoon we went ice skating at the Midway Rink. Well I didn't ice skate. But both boys did. We were amazed that 1. Miles wanted to and 2. He didn't give up right away after falling down. Not that Miles is a quitter. I think he is more of a perfectionist and doesn't like it when he can't do something perfect right away. He actually had a good time.

Jonas has been wanting to ice skate ever since we went last - but this time we were able to get more size-appropriate skates. He did not want Ben to help him at all - he wanted to do it all by himself. And he did. He wasn't skating mind you, just walking and scooting around. For over an hour. He loved it and was very proud of himself. So cute.

Emmy actually went on the ice for a little bit, too. It's just a little too hard for her, though, I think.

2 random pictures:

Emmy, or Annie. However you look at it.

And, unfortunately, time-outs still exist even at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

But it was a great trip and we miss it already. 5:30 came a little earlier this morning. . .


erinmalia said...

those ice castles are unreal. i want to see them.

what did emmy do to deserve time out?

rebecca said...

Wow. Those ice castles don't even look real! How cool.

Miles sounds so much like Matthew. I think I've said that before. They would be good friends in real life. Maybe this summer?!

i {heart} hawkes said...

those ice castles are fantastic. are they free for the public to visit? i'd like to take my fam to see them, do you remember where they are exactly? and i'm glad to see emmy in time out. i thought i was being a mean mom by putting syd in time out but man, she sure earns it sometimes!

Mindy said...

Are those the ice castles at the Zermatt resort? We have been wanting to go up there, but I thought they may be starting to melt by now, since it has been so warm here. Maybe we will go this weekend! I haven't attempted to take my boys ice skating yet, I wonder how they will do?

emily said...

yep the Zermatt. the man said they will stay frozen pretty much up thru february - so you still have a little time.

i bet your boys would love to ice skate! you should make a day out of going to midway. :)

aubrey said...

I swear every time you visit Utah you go to places that I have recently visited. I was in Midway early in February with some chicas in my ward. We saw the ice castles and they wanted to ice skate. Your kids are so dang cute! It seems like you're always doing really fun things with your kids.

Nicole said...

How fun! Those ice castles are the coolest! How neat. And your parents house is beautiful. I would love to have a weekend there too!!