Saturday, February 06, 2010

Questions and Answers

this is for my sake. questions asked by and answered by me.

1. When did you realize you were pregnant?
well close to jonas' birthday, the 14th of december. things started to get a little suspicious that weekend previous while we are jim and diana's home. ben sealed the deal by stating, after his mother had given us this adorable set of 3 ornaments to put pictures of our kids in, "See, we can only have 3 kids now."

2. So. . . was this planned?
no. and a little yes. we had not ever concluded a final yes or no to having another child. but i think we both knew it would happen - despite ben's weekly comments of being content with 3 children. :) timing is something that was definitely NOT planned. seriously, to be pregnant again in the 3rd trimester during my least-favorite of all seasons, summer? oh poor me.

3. So when are you due?
aug. 23rd. i'm 12 weeks along.

4. Are you showing yet?
ugh yes. we hadn't told the kids yet, but this morning jonas looked at my stomach and said, "you're going to have a baby." so then i told them. they were pretty darn excited; it was adorable. miles said, "i hope you have a girl for emmy!" cute, cute.
but i really wish i didn't have to show so early and so much. all my babies do are pop OUT. never up and down (no space). just OUT. oh man.

5. So do you have any ideas of what you are having? What you want to have?
no idea. never have had any "intuitions" either. oh what do i want? so hard! another boy would be delightful and fun. and we have a name already picked out. another girl would be super fun for emmy and all of us as emmy is just a pure, silly joy. BUT. . . emmy is our baby! she will have been the baby for almost 3 years - the boys were only the babies for 21 months. so it will be sad for us (us being ben and me) to have emmy lose her "status." but. . . if it is a boy then emmy will still be the Baby Girl. the Only Girl. so i don't know. i'm just glad i don't have to decide.

6. So you have names picked out?
we have a boy name - i have the middle name, too, but might need a few more months to convince ben of it. no girl names yet (that was so yesterday, i totally have a girl name all picked out now. ha). and we aren't really going to be telling many people until the babe arrives. :)

7. Any cravings, sickness, etc.?
i had some "waves" of nausea, especially in the evening, but that has passed and that was pretty much all. my stomach was quite tumultuous for lack of a better word, but didn't make me sick. just annoyed. my biggest thing has been fatigue. up until a few weeks ago, by 9am (i do get up at 5:30 mind you) i could have taken a 3-hour nap! i'm doing better, though, but still get tired. it doesn't help that when my thyroid was checked it was at it's highest level it's been - higher than when i was first diagnosed and not taking synthroid (the higher the value, the lower your thyroid).
cravings - well i pretty much always crave salty foods when i'm pregnant. like chips. and fast food. but i've only really caved in to my cravings for fast food twice - once at taco bell and once at mcdonalds. but i probably could have eaten there every day and been really happy. oh, i have also craved orange julius. YUM. but i still try to be cautious of what i eat. even though i'm already FAT. so not fair being 4'10 - sure i'll blame it on that.

8. Anything else?
if i'm going to be truthful i'll say that i am even holding my belly in in the above picture. seriously. seriously, i'm so mad. so mad. i'm only 3 monthse. argh. maybe miles' wish of me having twins will come to fruition (great word, love it!). but i doubt it. i just get (boo-hoo) so (moan) darn (sigh) big.


erinmalia said...

but you will tell me the girl's name, though right?! email it to me right now. "spidabit" was my word verification. awesome.

oh yeah, maybe you should teach jonas a thing about tact. :)

raedene said...

Could I just tell you how excited I am for you!?! And how HAPPY that I'm not the only pregnant person in the world that shows at the 12 week mark. :) (Actually, I show at the 2 week mark) Literally. Not kidding. :) So, you're not alone, girl! You're smaller than I was!!!

And I love that you want Emmy to be the 'baby girl'. I felt the same way with Paige, but she was the 'baby girl' for SIX years! So I just really felt that it would be super hard for her to deal with, even though she really wanted a sister... :) It all works out in the best way...
So, congratulations!!! You're going to need a bigger jogging stroller!!! :)

Meg said...


Second - You are NOT fat, you are PREGNANT! Greg had to keep telling me that in my last month. Now I'm not pregnant anymore, but I am fat. He now tells me to cut myself some slack since the babies only two months old. We women are never happy.

Third - Is this the last? Since there's such a spread from Emmy, they are going to need a buddy. Maybe twins would be a good idea:)

Can't wait for more updates.

Anonymous said...

congrats!!! we are very excited for you, let us know if we can help in any way. t. whitbys

courtney said...

i miss one day of your blog and look what happens! congratulations! hooray! i'm always super excited for other people to be pregnant. i love my babies, but i could SO live without pregnancy. your tummy is not big. and i'm glad you haven't been sick too much. but the fatigue? we need to get that thyroid under control!

aubrey said...

Congrats!!! How fun we are prego together! I however don't have the excuse of shortness for the "popped out way too soon" belly. You have such an adorable family!--just going to get cuter!

megan said...

Well, if I were a betting person I would have bet that you would end up having a #4! So happy for your family. All the unpleasant things will only last a few months, then it's on to the next set of unpleasant things! (All I can think about now is when will I ever get a full night's sleep again.) But many, many pleasant things too. I hope overall it's a good pregnancy for you.

Brooke said...

Emily!!!! CONGRATS!! I totally love the way you announced it on your blog, it was perfect. :) I'll have to remember that when we have another little one.

What a lucky little baby--I think you are an amazing mama and your family is so fun and close...I just think you are the coolest. :) Much congrats to you!!

Nicole said...

Congratulations! What a lucky baby that gets to come to your fun and cute family. Hope this pregnancy's a breeze! :)

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

EMILY! You little STINKER!!!! I had no idea! You look amazing........I still think you are a little stinker! CONGRATS! I want to call you and say CoNGRATS because I am so excited!!! YEAH! Can't wait to see you wednesday night!!

Hans and Michelle said...

Hooray! You make beautiful babies. And I think you look great. And I love that you get up at 5:30. Good luck!!

Kristen said...

Yay for you Emily! I'm so excited. So...if I have another one someday, I'll know what gender I'll be having since we do everything the same..... Now I can plan a little better. Congratulations Maxwells!