Monday, March 08, 2010

BYU International Folk Dancers

so this was a not-so-boring event.

the BYU dancers came to our little town - well, actually, they didn't even come to our little town. they came to an even smaller town about 20 miles away. so we went. all 5 of us.

it was a lot of fun. before it had started i leaned over to ben and told him, "maybe we'll leave at intermission." he nodded. not that i didn't think i'd like it - but i wasn't sure how my 3 kids would do sitting for 2 hours.

we didn't leave at intermission. we stayed the whole time. the kids - including our boys - loved it all. after every dance number they would shout, "another!" i thought it was great. ben loved every minute of it. good talent is just inspiring and uplifting.

but perhaps my favorite moment of the night happened early on. the dancers had just come out on stage and had been out for just a few minutes. jonas leaned over to ben and asked:

"are those people real?"

the costumes, the make-up, the symmetry of dance - it did look a little fairy-tale-ish.


erinmalia said...

oh i do love that jonas boy. glad it went well! how was the next day?

courtney said...

awesome. thank goodness for traveling folk dance teams!