Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Celebrations.

The day started off bright and early at 6:30 when all the kids came down to the playroom where I was finishing up my exercising. Since it was Miles' birthday I didn't make them go back up until 7am. :)
Miles got to open one present after breakfast. He had actually picked out this toy a couple of weeks ago and deemed it the one he wanted to open. He loves it. It's called a dunkadoo (sp?) and starts out as a flat penguin and then you add water and it grows. The penguin is named March. (I did suggest the name.) But he slowly gets flat again as the water evaporates, I guess. And Miles told me that means he dies and then when he gets "watered again" he will get a new name. Very cool.

Later that morning we went to Target and Miles used his gift-card that he'd gotten from his grandparents and bought his own presents. He was delighted to get all he got. (A lot of small sea-like animals, plus bendaroos. I "encouraged" him to get the bendaroos b/c he loves creating and crafting. It was what he played with as soon as we got home. :)

The whole darn family got to go to Miles' school and help with his birthday snacks. It was very fun and Ben was able to get out early from work and thus surprise Miles with coming too. Here we are all singing Happy Birthday - we did it twice, once super-fast and once normal.

Here Miles is at his desk with his adorable desk-mates. :) Miles inspired the whole snack. I felt a little embarrassed afterwards that it was way too much, but there was no taking back anything by then. On Monday Miles and I worked together in getting them put together. We made awesome jolly rancher suckers , then put chex mix, CARS chewy treats and the sucker inside the cups. Then, because Miles so wanted to, we got some "bugs" and taped them to the outside of the cups. Miles hardly let me help him put them together; he just wanted to do them all.

As soon as we got home we opened the rest of the gifts. Some super fun stuff! And Miles was just so sweet and so excited about every little thing. He took time to look at each thing before moving on to the next and so that was great.

Aunt-E got him a great selection of great books - Ramona, The Twits, Ralph S. Mouse, etc. We started The Twits tonite. Oh how fun.

Emmy just being cute.

Emmy and Jonas got a little present, too - bubbles.

Here's the birthday cake. I got the idea from here. The idea had used M'nMs, but we thought gumballs were ummm more appropriate. :) I think it was fun and my kids thought it was great.

We had a few families over to help celebrate with us. I think we had 15 kids and 8 adults total - the most this house has ever held. :) It was great. Miles loved every minute of it, I am pretty sure. (This was the little-girls' table, I mean the big-girls' table.)

Miles and some friends enjoying some pizza. I think this is the first time our family has ever paid for Dominos pizza. So it was a real treat. :) We are all lucky to have such great families for friends. They are such good people and good kids.

Pinata time. It was a little scary and close at times, but fun indeed.

And Miles blowing out the birthday candles - well, actually, I guess Emmy did. I didn't notice anything b/c I was behind the camera, but that's what happened. And looking at this picture, that certainly looks to be the case. :)

A super fun day with a super fun birthday boy.


erinmalia said...

happy birthday miles! i sooo wish we could have been there. and there's just so much to say about this post...

the cake turned out great. even rhett said, "gum."

totally makes me laugh about ordering pizza. we NEVER order it either. did it taste good? dominos apparently redid their recipe recently.

finally, did you punch those tins on that windowsill? they look great!

emily said...

erin - sure the pizza was good. i couldn't tell any difference. but that's because i wouldn't know!

we did punch those tins. it was a cub-scout activity i was planning and so we tried it out at home first. i think they turned out pretty fun!

i {heart} hawkes said...

what a great party! love the idea of the bugs on the cups. we too never order pizza, ever.

rebecca said...

So cute, all of it! Miles must have felt so special with so much celebrating. What a good boy you've raised. All he wanted was a penguin?! That speaks volumes about you and Ben.

Cutest picture of Emmy! Love that smile. Could she look anymore like you?

Great cake! I might steal this idea or your rainbow cake idea for Larkin's seventh. It fits her.

Happy sixth birthday, Miles! (Six is so big! Can't believe it!)

emily said...

oh rebecca i have to comment back! miles didn't ONLY want a penguin - it was just the one present he wanted to open in the morning - before the others.

that kid wants EVERYTHING. seriously. but he is just as happy with a tiny toy as he is with something bigger.

Lezlee said...

SOOOOOOOOOO fun emily! You are such a fun mom! The cake was to die for and you thought of everything! Happy birthday miles! I sure love that little guy!! Glad he had a wonderful day!