Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Came

Here are some (okay, probably a lot) of random pictures showing the adventures we had with grandma and grandpa. Our plans to go skiing on Saturday were derailed when a storm came through and closed down the mountain pass we had to travel on - in addition to it being really cold on Saturday. So we just did the stuff we do in life and got to enjoy them a little more because we had the grandparents around. Lucky are we all.

Ben was asked to make something wooden by Miles. So here are the boys in their workshop, i.e. garage. 2 wood shark-fish is what Ben carved.

A favorite past-time at our home was caught on camera by grandma and grandpa.

A Sunday walk - it was lovely that day and the next! (Today it is snowing.) Well, let me correct myself. The weather was lovely. My children weren't. Can I blame it on colds? Rather than parenting?

Tantrum #3402. Grandma and Grandpa got to know Jonas a little better on this trip.

Wilson is still a part of this family. He loves Grandma Max, in fact, and was even treated to a couple walks.

Sunday afternoon we made Ben's favorite: soft pretzels - Scandinavian-style. Which mainly means adding cardamom.

Here they are rising. Emmy patiently waiting. . .

Monday we enjoyed the weather. Miles created his own world in the sandbox.

Jonas biked around some.

Emmy enjoyed riding her "brand new bike" as she calls it. (Ben found it on his ride home from work on Thursday by a "free" sign. Our perfect price.)

We also went to the library. Emmy was very intent on her coloring.

The boys and the dimple enjoying a book.

Grandma reading them one of their favorite books, "If I built a car."

Miles helping grandma around the library.

The family reading some literally "big books."

The end of another great time with grandparents (and parents and in-laws). Thanks for coming!


erinmalia said...

way fun pics, em!

my word verification this time is: vomped. would you say that emmy's hair "vomped" when she stood on the air grate? i would.

rebecca said...

Great pictures! Love the price of Emmy's bike - so perfect. And I love her tights! Such a cute family.

Niederfam said...

So fun!!! Free bike, eh??? Can't beat that! ;)

courtney said...

man, i wish my kids grandparents would come visit once in a while! love all the pictures.

Megan said...

I love the "big books" picture! That is precious. You have such a darling family!