Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Miles

Oh Miles. I never know where to start or what to say with you.

You are a boy full of juxtapositions.

You will do and say the sweetest things. Like when you found out I was pregnant one of the first things you said to me was, "I hope it is a girl for Emmy." Oh I could have melted (if I wasn't so cold in our drafty winter house). And you continue today to state that same thing, even though you think another boy would be fun, too. You say "thank you" quite often now without any prompting. You compliment. Like yesterday as we were going to church you told me, "I really like your skirt, mom." You always tell your father that you wish he had a "home job." You love him so much and want to be with him most of the time.

But, on the other hand, you are our family's pester-er. It's so weird and it really doesn't fit with your personality, yet it does. You don't bother so much as by punching or shoving. Just by pestering. By slight moves. You are the master of "slights." Jonas tells me every day, "I'm not playing with Miles anymore!" I wish he wouldn't so you would maybe learn, but Jonas loves you and loves playing with you. You just have so much energy and sometimes lack the desire and the patience to tame that energy into good.

Another juxtaposition is you and eating. You continue to love most all foods (yes, you still adore sardines. I know.). You'll have eaten a big meal (more food than me) and then say, "I'm still hungry!" You eat good and healthy foods, but also loves your treats. However, if you get treats (candy, gumballs, etc.) you don't necessarily eat them right up - like, ahem, your 2 younger siblings. Sometimes you'll even save some candy for later on in the day, or even the next day. It's impressive. And there is no way I can ever steal candy from your halloween bag - you'd know exactly what was missing. Really. I think I got caught once.

You are wild, but you are also cautious. You play wild and loud and crazy A LOT. You create HUGE messes. You scream, you growl, you run about like a mad-man. You body or your mind seems to be constantly stirring, hardly resting. You want to go, go, go and do, do, do. But cautious you remain. Cautious, aka "scared." Scared of the night-time darkness. Scared of trees falling on our house. Scared of being struck by lightning. Scared of robbers. And, yes, you still remain scared of MOOSE. Big, dead, stuffed moose. This is an innate quality about you apparently. It began when you were around 18 months old and screamed and cried at a store where a large moose-bust (or whatever you call it!) was mounted on the wall. And just recently we were at the BYU Bean museum and there was a life-sized real (dead) moose there and you. . . freaked out. You would not get close to it. You would run as fast as you could, without looking its direction, to get to the other side of the museum. Wow.

This year was a year of firsts, as well. Like your first organized sport. We signed you up for T-ball. I liked to refer to it as tee-hee ball. :) It was a blast watching the 5 year-olds out on the field. But you were my absolute favorite to watch. Oh I loved watching you. You were so. . . you. You just have this personality that cannot leave you - no matter what endeavor you are engaged in. You had sort of fun with T-ball. But it was probably too boring for you and you just couldn't understand the purpose of t-ball. You are a task-oriented kid, but apparently hitting the ball and running around bases isn't task-oriented enough. I loved when you would blow kisses to your family as you'd run around the bases. I also loved how you would beg to have Jonas or Emmy sit with you on the bench. Oh those were the best moments.

But your biggest first this past year was starting school. The Big K. Kindergarten. You started out okay. Definitely smart enough. But lacking in desirable social and behavior skills. But you have much, much improved. In the first few months I would have quite a few days where Mr. James (your great teacher) would need to talk to me. Now I rarely have those occasions - and if I do, it's usually very positive. Sure, you still have some issues to work on, but you have improved greatly. And you do love school. You tell me that a lot. Even though there are days you beg me to let you stay home and "nap" (yeah right), when you get out of school you always tell me you had fun and that you like school. Of course your favorite part of the day always seems to be recess. But you're learning a lot about being a good friend, a good student, and a good person. It's been fun for the whole family having you in school. I don't mean by having you gone 1/2 the day. I mean the school activities, fairs, events, etc. School is now part of our family and it is a very fun and positive part.

You remain our family's resident hoardiculturist. You know, like horticulturist? Only we mean that you love, love, love to hoard things. Little things. Little toys. Little things found on walks. Little rocks - I have a stash of rocks found on your playground and then brought to me. You really treasure things and hold on to them. It's neat. And also not-so-neat. Every so often we have to deep clean your room and get rid of all these "little things."

You remain Creative. Intelligent. Inquisitive. Talkative. True to yourself.

I remain in love with you.

Happy Birthday my handsome boy,