Thursday, March 18, 2010

Helmets - Good for Anywhere and Everywhere

So Ben got some helmets for the 2 boys - ski helmets. Jonas is in love. He wore his for 2 days - at weird and various times. Ben found his old helmet again and fell in love with it again. And apparently fell in love with placing it upon me at weird and various times.

Check it out:

Making cookies on Sunday (thank-you cookies for our neighbor/ski-instructor for the boys).




Jonas also wore his walking Miles to school, playing the backyard, etc. Miles wore his, too - just not as much.


erinmalia said...

i don't believe that ben put that on you. i think you wanted it that way.

Nicole said...

lovin it!

courtney said...

safety first, right?

Niederfam said...

that reminds me A-LOT of my house where helmets are part of all kinds of attire and NECESSARY for many events!!