Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pine Wood Derby

Our ward had a fundraiser dinner and derby last Friday night. Anyone could make one and so I asked Ben to make a VW Bug one (just like his car). And, in my most humblest of wives' opinions, I think Ben rocked it. I loved how it turned out. And the bug didn't race too poorly either - nor too greatly. But it made it to the finish line, won our first 2 races - then it lost. It even fish-tailed some and that was pretty sweet.

Here are some pictures:
The derby bug. Yes, pasting pictures of our kids on our derbies is becoming a tradition, I guess.

Pretty great, I think!

Ben had to drill out a ton of the car to make weight. A ton. It's practically a shell now. But he did get it down to the necessary 5 ounces.

Miles got to take it up the first time to race. Jonas did the second time. That was sure a special and exciting thing for them to each do. They were really excited and proud about it.

There she goes! Vroooom.

Fun, fun, fun.


courtney said...

that is fantastic! if only all pinewood derby cars had so much character. so cool.

erinmalia said...

i am so impressed with that car! way to go ben. he's just so handy. :)

and love to see the kids wearing their shirts.

rebecca said...

That is awesome! I love it. Ben's VW Bug rivals David's Honda Odyssey minivan pinewood derby car of 2007. :)

emily said...

rebecca- i totally thought of your minivan the whole week we were working on it. :) perhaps you were the inspiration. :)

Niederfam said...

So cool!!! I'm in charge of activities, we just may do this too!!! ;)

Megan said...

That is TOTALLY COOL! I love it!