Saturday, March 27, 2010


So today I turned 31. I had a good day. A really good day. I don't care about being 31. I mean I was just 30 yesterday, what's the big deal? If I were 11 yesterday and then suddenly 31 today I think I would be a little bummed. But that's not how it happens, thankfully.

Ben and I had a little 2-hour "birthday date," as Miles called it. We went "window-shopping" (since we didn't buy anything) at some antique stores in our town and then to lunch at a coffee shop. I got the yummiest soup - artichoke with chicken fettuccine. Delicious. It was a fun time together.

After we got home Ben wanted to take the kids out so I could do whatever. I told the kids that for my birthday I was giving them $5 to spend at Target on a toy for themselves. They freaked. Jonas declared, "You are the best mom ever!" It was quite hilarious. So they went out and I finished up icing my cake, doing some dishes, getting online, talking to my dad, and even took a perfect 30-minute nap.

The kids came home and just played for a bit while I started a few "craft" projects - that I may or may not show, depending on how they turn out. Ben made some soft pretzels, again. Dinner was made and eaten (paninis - yummy!), and then presents opened and cake enjoyed.

Oh, how lucky and blessed am I? Beautiful children, lovely flowers, delicious peanut butter rice krispie cake with chocolate frosting, and a wonderful husband behind the camera.

Opening some gifts. I am making a funny face b/c I am being choked by my daughter.

I just love this picture. It makes me happy. I love the flowers - Miles picked them out, I guess. So springy! And I love our new cake pan/lid that Ben found at an antique store (he went back out later in the afternoon to another store remembering he'd seen one there). We didn't have anything for our cakes and I love what he found. Perfect.

A really, really good day. Surrounded by a really, really great family.


Rachelle said...

Happy Birthday dear Emily! It's going to be a great year. All the best to my still wonderful roommate (when I saw the pictures of the Tetons in your home when we first met, I knew I was going to like you!). Happy 31st!

erinmalia said...

happy birthday! what a great pic of you and the kids (no, not the one where emmy is choking you--the other). glad you had a good day! and that cake plate is awesome.

another great word verification: foargie. sounds like a funny way to say "fogey" because that's what you are now since you're 31.

Megan said...

Happy Birthday! I love the cake pan and lid! And you can tell Miles that his cousin Megan LOVES those flowers. Gerber daisies are my absolute favorite!!!!

Brooke said...

Happy Happy 31st Birthday!!!It definitely sounds like it was a lovely day. I love the pic where you're surrounded by your kids, even if one of them is choking you---with love of course!:) Love the flowers, and LOVE that cake dish thingie. Gorgeous and what a thoughtful hubby you have. Hope your 31st year is full of happiness! xoxo

courtney said...

happy birthday! it sounds like it was a great day. 31 was a good year for me - i hope it is equally as good to you!! i also love the cake pan/lid - good work ben!

Meg said...

Happy Birthday - a day late. I even have it on my calendar and I will call you this week. I'm blaming all my abscent mindedness on postpartum brain - I HATE it. Glad you had such a great day and that you were able to do so many fun things.
Love ya!

raedene said...

I had to catch up! Happy happy birthday! (I love your take on getting older... You are so right. What's the big deal???)
And congrats on another girl!!! Yay!!! :)

Niederfam said...

Happy (late) Birthday!!! It does sound like a perfect day!!

rebecca said...

Happy birthday, Emily! It sounds perfect.