Friday, April 30, 2010


Why is Emmy just so cute? Cuz right now she is sitting on the toilet going to the bathroom. . . and singing.

Girls. Love mine.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Better Luck Tomorrow

Well we did end up having better luck than our fishing trip on Saturday.

We went again on Monday (so really "better luck the day after tomorrow) and were able to catch 3 fish - one for each kiddo. To say the kids were ecstatic with the fish is an understatement. It was some fun times (until Miles lost it at the end when he realized he wasn't going to be able to take it home and play with it for the next couple of days - take it home and eat it, yes, play with it, no.).

I am only posting this one picture of Miles. But it pretty much says it all, I think.

Jonas "catching" his fish.

Pretty exciting.

Emmy, all big-eyed and sitting on the rock pillow.

Emmy reeling in her fish. Isn't this a great picture - she's loving it, but also frightened!

Wow, Emmy holding her fish. This was huge. This from the girl that cries when a roly-poly bug is near by. I think her brothers helped her warm up to the idea of touching, and even kissing, her fish. What else are brothers for?

They were so into their fish and just played and played with them. Silly creatures. My kids that is, not the fish.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy 8th Anniversary

Ben and I have been married for 8 years.

Our anniversary-celebration for tonite:

going to Denny's for dinner as a family. why denny's? well we've never been here and because tuesday nite is FREE kids nite. sweet.

yup, this is definitely not our 1st or 2nd anniverary.


but i still love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love my husband.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fishing Derby #4

Out of the 5 springs we've been here, this is the 4th fishing derby we've attended here in town. We missed last year because we forgot to check when it was and by the time I did check, we had missed it.

This year was only disappointing in the fact that we caught nothing. Nothing. Weird. We've never gotten nothing at the derby. But oh well. The kids did surprising well; of course they were bummed, but definitely okay with it (perhaps because we told them we'd go fishing again on Monday). Each kid got a new fishing pole (we hadn't gotten a new one since the 1st derby), we fished, then the kids got their hot-dog lunch. It was good to be out, so a good morning was had.

Our fish-lovin' boy. He likes to catch them because he loves to play with them. Really.

I have no idea where this pose came from. Oh my, I laugh out loud every time I see it. Our girl indeed.

Another one showing a more "normal" fishing pose.

Jonas was just too cute while eating his hot dog. I don't know why, but he just was.

Love this boy. Turns out he loves a hot dog with some relish on it.

I think I posted more pictures of them eating than of us fishing (okay, same number). Oh well, we got hot dogs - we didn't get fish.

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Kids on Video

Well this week has kind of been blah. I've been tired and cranky. My poor, poor kids. I felt extreme guilt today as we were walking Miles to school. A nice old lady came out of her house to cut some flowers - for "your teacher" she told my kids. So my kids all picked some flowers for her to cut and then she says to me, "I admire you each day as I see you walking your dog and 3 kids." Oh that is nice.

But. . . I don't think you would have admired me if you saw me 5 minutes before. When we were walking out the back gate to school. And I started to ask my kids to head out the gate. And they didn't right away. Which they never do. And I have one big dog on a leash pulling me to go. And another dog trying to figure out a way to get his fat body out the gate as well. And the gate is open. And the kids still. . . just stand there! GO! I'm losing it. Because everything this week (and for the last year perhaps?) seems to have to take 10 times the effort and 10 times the time. So I'm half pulled one way by a big dog, while the other half of my body is throwing the fat dog back the other way. While I am no longer calmly telling my children to "JUST WALK OUT THE GATE." We finally make it out the gate. Jonas is crying because he didn't get to open the gate (he really can't reach it to do it), Emmy is crying because. . . well I don't know. Probably because she didn't get to close the gate. I did. Hard.

Yep, not so admirable.

But the nice old lady is very hard of hearing and wouldn't have been able to hear all that. So I just smiled nicely at her.

But there are moments (they've just seemed very few and far between this week) that I find complete bliss in my children.

Like Miles and how he does so great at school and loves it and loves to tell me what he did/learned:

Like Jonas and his silliness, which makes me smile and his brother and sister laugh:

Or like Emmy and the newest, greatest face she makes. She makes it when talking about scary things. I caught it on video - but ever so slight. She does it in the first part, then again towards the very, very end. I need to capture it on camera. It's adorable:

(p.s. We really do love the fat dog. And we usually don't call him that - just sometimes. But he's fat and it is our fault, we know. We are loving Scout, but sometimes he's like a 4th and very needy child. But cute. And an awesome running companion for me and ride-in-the-truck companion for Ben.)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Just for Fun

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pre-Term Nesting

I've had a little "bug" lately to do some creative projects. Nothing too big mind you. Just little things that make me feel happy to have accomplished something.

Here are some of what I have done the past few weeks:
This is our little craft dresser. It's a mess inside of paper, paints, etc. The whole thing could use a nice white-wash painting job, but like I said, I didn't want any really big project. Just small ones. So I decided to paint the knobs.

A close-up. Daisies, of course, for the "daisy room."

I also did some remaking of our outlet covers and switch-plates in the playroom. Just some craft paper I had around and Mod Podge.

A close-up.

This is a storage bench I bought months ago - it was pretty ugly and gross. So I painted it white and then we "reupholstered" the seat with some fabric and vinyl covering. We'll put our outside shoes, etc., in it.

My kitchen curtains. I like how it turned out - I've never done grommets before and really love how it looks.

So that's it for now. Now we are working on outside projects - watering our newly-planted peas, setting up a wildflower section in our yard, etc.

Fun times.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heard of this one???

Ovarian cystic fibrosis cancer.

Apparently it can develop suddenly in female sales-girls upon realizing that I am not going to purchase whatever it is they are selling.

Very interesting. . .

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brown versus. . .

Quote of the Week:

Background: We were playing in the playroom a few days ago and were playing with play-dough. Miles was making all sorts of food. He kept asking for the brown play-dough because he wanted to make bread. I told him I guess we didn't have brown and that he'd just have to pretend with another color. No, that wouldn't do for Miles - he is too much of a realist.

So then he asked me, "What other color of bread is there?"

I replied: "White."

His reply: "Really, there is white bread?"

(now, yes, we do have white bread on occasion - like french bread, etc. but i love that we don't have it often enough that it struck him as wonderment that there is such a thing as white bread.)

Friday, April 09, 2010

Oh We Love Her (plus one other picture for fun)

Oh she's crazy, too. She can drive me insane. But oh I wouldn't trade this girl for the world.

Here she is literally running away from a roly-poly. Yes, that's right - a roly poly. (which is very unlike her - she is not girly-girly very much)

Looking down. . . where the bugs are.

And happy she is "so tall!" (i.e, so far from the roly-poly bugs)

Here's she is not running from the bugs. She loves to "race." Race herself, mom, Jonas, etc. "Ready, set, go!" she exclaims. Love it.

Ben just getting home from work. . . and picking up some tag-a-longs for the last part of his ride. (I don't think I've ever shown Ben's bike. It's awesome. We got it about 6 months ago? He's oh so handsome on it.)

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Scout is the newest member of our family. I don't have time to go in to all the details, but you can find out why we wanted a new dog here. We weren't planning on getting one super soon, but a free dog was advertised in the paper and so we took a chance.

He's very much a puppy. A big puppy. The kids are scared of him, yet like him a whole lot. They just hide in their rooms when I bring him in the house - except Emmy, she is the brave one. But Scout needs to learn to not jump up - that's what scares the kids. I have to tie him up outside when we are all out there. The kids can't calm down and that excites Scout, even more, and so we have to tie him up until he and the kids can calm down. I don't blame any of them - dogs or kids!

I have taken him on several 10-minute "jogs" in the morning and he still has a lot to learn - but I love going with him already.

Anyways, that's more than I thought I would write.

He's cute, huh? A chocolate-lab and "something" mix. The previous owners are unsure exactly of the paternal side. But they think Australian Shepard.

He's a big puppy, that is for sure. My mom asked if he was going to get bigger than Wilson, our beagle. Um, he already is.

He is already pretty good at playing fetch.

But since he is big, I think I am going to fork over the big-bucks and get him into obedience classes. He's definitely smart enough to do great.

So we'll see. . .

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Why My Boys Won't Be Getting Married Too Soon


So as I was bathing my children last Saturday evening I was talking to them about good hygiene. As they were washing up I told them how it's important to clean under their armpits. I told them that one day they'll stink and then no girls or boys will want to play with them (all in good fun, of course). And I told them girls wouldn't date a stinky boy.

So then I asked them what they would do on a date.

Jonas' reply:
"I would toot."
Excuse me? Sheesh.

Miles' reply:
"I would go to the forest and eat a bear."
To which Jonas then said:
"I would eat the girl!"

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday

I really enjoyed our day today. We had a fun "general conference tradition" breakfast: baked pancakes. They are so delicious with lemon juice, powder sugar, and fresh strawberries. Yum.

Then we all went to watch conference at church this morning and that was really nice. The kids mainly just colored. Emmy had to leave twice due to tantrums, but other than that, it was pretty nice.

In the afternoon the boys got to do some painting of their wood craft - while Emmy was napping (perfect timing). We also got our resurrection rolls ready (which turned out pretty fun and exciting. It's kind of a silly idea, but the kids ate it up - literally. Ha. But seriously, they really did like it and got to help with the marshmallows, etc.)

When conference started at 2 we had the boys come in and watch with us. I had found some "conference bingo" cards in a binder my mom had given me awhile back and so we did that. The boys got MnMs to place on their cards every time they heard a certain phrase, etc. It went very well. They stayed for an hour. It was great. Then they went back and finished up their craft while Ben and I (and sometimes Emmy) finished up the great conference.

After dinner we did these "spiritual eggs" I found online. It was great to do with our young kids, I think. Next year I'll change the scripture references, though, as I found some of them not totally linked to the object inside the egg. Then we watched this video and was requested by Jonas to watch it again. I take that as a good sign. So it was a nice day.

I took a few pictures before church, just for fun. I didn't buy anything or make anything special for Easter, but I wanted to get some pictures anyways:

So adorable in my most humble of mother's opinion.

And I just really liked these pictures of Emmy (I tried to get the boys by themselves, too, but they didn't turn out good).

Happy Easter everyone.

Easter Saturday

Our Easter fun started early Saturday morning. Well technically it started Friday as I was able to head out by myself up to Grand Junction - we had to get our car looked at. After the car was looked at, I shopped around a bit. I found the best 2nd-hand store ever. Especially for little girls. I bought Emmy 4 pairs of short - all 3 dollars and under, and super cute. I also made it over to Michaels and loved it there - buying all sorts of little craft-toys for the kids (all $1 and under). Things like wood puzzles, bead things, painted wooden kits, etc. I was super excited about it as my kids like crafts and we just don't have those things in this town. OH, but my favorite buy at Michaels - the scratch-n-sniff stickers! As soon as Ben and I sniffed them, we were back in the 1st grade. It was awesome.

That nite Ben and I got the baskets arranged and hidden. Then Saturday bright and early, before my run, I hid the easter eggs in the backyard.

I had gotten back just before everyone else was waking up. Miles was the first to come into our room and he was just so excited about it all. He had to peek out our window to see if he could see any eggs. Then he had to run downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny had eaten the egg we left for him (he had). He was so sweet. Anyways, we couldn't wait for breakfast and had to go and find the eggs. . .
Jonas finding an egg in a dirty shoe next to the smelly garbage can. Sweet.

Emmy having fun.

Miles loving Every. Minute.

Then we ate eggs (by the day's end the kids had each eaten 3 eggs) and cereal. Then off to find the baskets. . .

Emmy on the prowl.

Striking gold (and a funny face).

Jonas got his, too!

And of course, Miles. So happy about the little chicks in there, too.

A fun morning - and a yummy one, too (if you like Peeps. I certainly don't.).

Friday, April 02, 2010

Getting Ready for the Bunny. . .

(p.s. we used a dozen brown eggs and 4 white eggs. i am sold on the brown eggs. i love the deep colors it produces. neat-o.)

Happy Easter Weekend!!