Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Better Luck Tomorrow

Well we did end up having better luck than our fishing trip on Saturday.

We went again on Monday (so really "better luck the day after tomorrow) and were able to catch 3 fish - one for each kiddo. To say the kids were ecstatic with the fish is an understatement. It was some fun times (until Miles lost it at the end when he realized he wasn't going to be able to take it home and play with it for the next couple of days - take it home and eat it, yes, play with it, no.).

I am only posting this one picture of Miles. But it pretty much says it all, I think.

Jonas "catching" his fish.

Pretty exciting.

Emmy, all big-eyed and sitting on the rock pillow.

Emmy reeling in her fish. Isn't this a great picture - she's loving it, but also frightened!

Wow, Emmy holding her fish. This was huge. This from the girl that cries when a roly-poly bug is near by. I think her brothers helped her warm up to the idea of touching, and even kissing, her fish. What else are brothers for?

They were so into their fish and just played and played with them. Silly creatures. My kids that is, not the fish.


erinmalia said...

your boys need to come teach my boy how to touch gross things! i'm very proud of emmy.

courtney said...

it must have been quite a shock to find out you are going to EAT your fish instead of play with it. :) yum.

rebecca said...

I love the picture of Jonas you called "pretty exciting". Whqt q cute kid!