Monday, April 12, 2010

Brown versus. . .

Quote of the Week:

Background: We were playing in the playroom a few days ago and were playing with play-dough. Miles was making all sorts of food. He kept asking for the brown play-dough because he wanted to make bread. I told him I guess we didn't have brown and that he'd just have to pretend with another color. No, that wouldn't do for Miles - he is too much of a realist.

So then he asked me, "What other color of bread is there?"

I replied: "White."

His reply: "Really, there is white bread?"

(now, yes, we do have white bread on occasion - like french bread, etc. but i love that we don't have it often enough that it struck him as wonderment that there is such a thing as white bread.)


erinmalia said...

i'm just so proud of you! although, i will admit that we have white bread when we do french toast. what do you make it out of?

emily said...
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emily said...

well like i said, we do have white bread on occasion. just not super often.

definitely fat white bread for french toast.

Niederfam said...

funny!!! unfortunatley my kids would have the opposite reaction, "WHAT, there is BROWN bread???" No actually I'd like to think they wouldn't be surprised by either, we do BOTH!!!

Mindy said...

LOL. That's awesome.