Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Saturday

Our Easter fun started early Saturday morning. Well technically it started Friday as I was able to head out by myself up to Grand Junction - we had to get our car looked at. After the car was looked at, I shopped around a bit. I found the best 2nd-hand store ever. Especially for little girls. I bought Emmy 4 pairs of short - all 3 dollars and under, and super cute. I also made it over to Michaels and loved it there - buying all sorts of little craft-toys for the kids (all $1 and under). Things like wood puzzles, bead things, painted wooden kits, etc. I was super excited about it as my kids like crafts and we just don't have those things in this town. OH, but my favorite buy at Michaels - the scratch-n-sniff stickers! As soon as Ben and I sniffed them, we were back in the 1st grade. It was awesome.

That nite Ben and I got the baskets arranged and hidden. Then Saturday bright and early, before my run, I hid the easter eggs in the backyard.

I had gotten back just before everyone else was waking up. Miles was the first to come into our room and he was just so excited about it all. He had to peek out our window to see if he could see any eggs. Then he had to run downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny had eaten the egg we left for him (he had). He was so sweet. Anyways, we couldn't wait for breakfast and had to go and find the eggs. . .
Jonas finding an egg in a dirty shoe next to the smelly garbage can. Sweet.

Emmy having fun.

Miles loving Every. Minute.

Then we ate eggs (by the day's end the kids had each eaten 3 eggs) and cereal. Then off to find the baskets. . .

Emmy on the prowl.

Striking gold (and a funny face).

Jonas got his, too!

And of course, Miles. So happy about the little chicks in there, too.

A fun morning - and a yummy one, too (if you like Peeps. I certainly don't.).


erinmalia said...

emmy's faces crack me up. glad to see you're hiding them in the dryer. ahh, tradition!

Niederfam said...

i HATE peeps too!!! but i love easter egg hunts. looks like a success!!! ;)