Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday

I really enjoyed our day today. We had a fun "general conference tradition" breakfast: baked pancakes. They are so delicious with lemon juice, powder sugar, and fresh strawberries. Yum.

Then we all went to watch conference at church this morning and that was really nice. The kids mainly just colored. Emmy had to leave twice due to tantrums, but other than that, it was pretty nice.

In the afternoon the boys got to do some painting of their wood craft - while Emmy was napping (perfect timing). We also got our resurrection rolls ready (which turned out pretty fun and exciting. It's kind of a silly idea, but the kids ate it up - literally. Ha. But seriously, they really did like it and got to help with the marshmallows, etc.)

When conference started at 2 we had the boys come in and watch with us. I had found some "conference bingo" cards in a binder my mom had given me awhile back and so we did that. The boys got MnMs to place on their cards every time they heard a certain phrase, etc. It went very well. They stayed for an hour. It was great. Then they went back and finished up their craft while Ben and I (and sometimes Emmy) finished up the great conference.

After dinner we did these "spiritual eggs" I found online. It was great to do with our young kids, I think. Next year I'll change the scripture references, though, as I found some of them not totally linked to the object inside the egg. Then we watched this video and was requested by Jonas to watch it again. I take that as a good sign. So it was a nice day.

I took a few pictures before church, just for fun. I didn't buy anything or make anything special for Easter, but I wanted to get some pictures anyways:

So adorable in my most humble of mother's opinion.

And I just really liked these pictures of Emmy (I tried to get the boys by themselves, too, but they didn't turn out good).

Happy Easter everyone.


erinmalia said...

i LOVE jonas's jacket. when he's too big for it, will you send it my way?

emily said...

of course i will! he's just about too big for it. . .

i {heart} hawkes said...

your easter posts are great. do you celebrate a day early with eggs/baskets to try to separate the bunny stuff from the actual meaning? just wondering. if so do you do the same for christmas? the kids look so cute. did you wake up to snow? we did!