Friday, April 23, 2010

My Kids on Video

Well this week has kind of been blah. I've been tired and cranky. My poor, poor kids. I felt extreme guilt today as we were walking Miles to school. A nice old lady came out of her house to cut some flowers - for "your teacher" she told my kids. So my kids all picked some flowers for her to cut and then she says to me, "I admire you each day as I see you walking your dog and 3 kids." Oh that is nice.

But. . . I don't think you would have admired me if you saw me 5 minutes before. When we were walking out the back gate to school. And I started to ask my kids to head out the gate. And they didn't right away. Which they never do. And I have one big dog on a leash pulling me to go. And another dog trying to figure out a way to get his fat body out the gate as well. And the gate is open. And the kids still. . . just stand there! GO! I'm losing it. Because everything this week (and for the last year perhaps?) seems to have to take 10 times the effort and 10 times the time. So I'm half pulled one way by a big dog, while the other half of my body is throwing the fat dog back the other way. While I am no longer calmly telling my children to "JUST WALK OUT THE GATE." We finally make it out the gate. Jonas is crying because he didn't get to open the gate (he really can't reach it to do it), Emmy is crying because. . . well I don't know. Probably because she didn't get to close the gate. I did. Hard.

Yep, not so admirable.

But the nice old lady is very hard of hearing and wouldn't have been able to hear all that. So I just smiled nicely at her.

But there are moments (they've just seemed very few and far between this week) that I find complete bliss in my children.

Like Miles and how he does so great at school and loves it and loves to tell me what he did/learned:

Like Jonas and his silliness, which makes me smile and his brother and sister laugh:

Or like Emmy and the newest, greatest face she makes. She makes it when talking about scary things. I caught it on video - but ever so slight. She does it in the first part, then again towards the very, very end. I need to capture it on camera. It's adorable:

(p.s. We really do love the fat dog. And we usually don't call him that - just sometimes. But he's fat and it is our fault, we know. We are loving Scout, but sometimes he's like a 4th and very needy child. But cute. And an awesome running companion for me and ride-in-the-truck companion for Ben.)


erinmalia said...

i love your videos! so the emmy face, was it the scared face or the sideways glances? love all of it.

emily said...

emmy's face is at 35 seconds - pause it there and that's a pretty good idea. not perfect, but good.

Meg said...

Oh sista' you are doing great if that's all you did in "losing it". May I also remind you that you are prego and that always makes one go a little coo-koo-cachoo. I consider you very brave in getting a new dog at this point in your life. You are a saint for walking them. I'd keep them at home if I were you.
You're an awesome mom and I really have no worries that your children will not tell you that again and again when they are old enough to realize. For now, just take mine and everyone else's word for it. You are awesome and entitled to lose it occasionally.

erinmalia said...

oh, so the scared face? awesome.