Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pre-Term Nesting

I've had a little "bug" lately to do some creative projects. Nothing too big mind you. Just little things that make me feel happy to have accomplished something.

Here are some of what I have done the past few weeks:
This is our little craft dresser. It's a mess inside of paper, paints, etc. The whole thing could use a nice white-wash painting job, but like I said, I didn't want any really big project. Just small ones. So I decided to paint the knobs.

A close-up. Daisies, of course, for the "daisy room."

I also did some remaking of our outlet covers and switch-plates in the playroom. Just some craft paper I had around and Mod Podge.

A close-up.

This is a storage bench I bought months ago - it was pretty ugly and gross. So I painted it white and then we "reupholstered" the seat with some fabric and vinyl covering. We'll put our outside shoes, etc., in it.

My kitchen curtains. I like how it turned out - I've never done grommets before and really love how it looks.

So that's it for now. Now we are working on outside projects - watering our newly-planted peas, setting up a wildflower section in our yard, etc.

Fun times.


erinmalia said...

that bench is awesome. where did you find it? and the curtains turned out great! i love the grommets.

emily said...

the bench was at some antique/second-hand store.

courtney said...

i wish i could nest even half that much stuff when i'm not in the family way...

good work!

Greg said...

When do you find the time? I need to do it like you and focus on little projects. Then I'd feel like I got soemthing done. Love them all. See you in May!
This is Megan not greg btw!

emily said...

megs - between the time of 7pm-9pm. hence, little projects. :)

and what do you mean!? you do AMAZING projects. way beyond my skills and time-frame. :)

Nicole said...

cute stuff! nice work!! love it all :)

i {heart} hawkes said...

your projects always look great! are you for hire?