Thursday, April 08, 2010


Scout is the newest member of our family. I don't have time to go in to all the details, but you can find out why we wanted a new dog here. We weren't planning on getting one super soon, but a free dog was advertised in the paper and so we took a chance.

He's very much a puppy. A big puppy. The kids are scared of him, yet like him a whole lot. They just hide in their rooms when I bring him in the house - except Emmy, she is the brave one. But Scout needs to learn to not jump up - that's what scares the kids. I have to tie him up outside when we are all out there. The kids can't calm down and that excites Scout, even more, and so we have to tie him up until he and the kids can calm down. I don't blame any of them - dogs or kids!

I have taken him on several 10-minute "jogs" in the morning and he still has a lot to learn - but I love going with him already.

Anyways, that's more than I thought I would write.

He's cute, huh? A chocolate-lab and "something" mix. The previous owners are unsure exactly of the paternal side. But they think Australian Shepard.

He's a big puppy, that is for sure. My mom asked if he was going to get bigger than Wilson, our beagle. Um, he already is.

He is already pretty good at playing fetch.

But since he is big, I think I am going to fork over the big-bucks and get him into obedience classes. He's definitely smart enough to do great.

So we'll see. . .


erinmalia said...

first....what a cutie! congrats!

second...glad to hear that you're going to do the obedience classes. more people should do that (including us probably). good for you!

courtney said...

i LOVE how he has eyebrows. so, so cute!

rebecca said...

Cute, Emily. I'm sure you'll get him trained and he'll be a perfect kid-friendly slash early-morning run attack dog!

Free is a great price!

Mindy said...

Love his coloring! I was thinking Austrailian shepherd before I read that. If it is, he will probably be a very good dog, they train very well. We had one and he had those same eyebrows. Good Luck! My husband would be very jealous. So if he doesn't work out for you... ;)