Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Why My Boys Won't Be Getting Married Too Soon


So as I was bathing my children last Saturday evening I was talking to them about good hygiene. As they were washing up I told them how it's important to clean under their armpits. I told them that one day they'll stink and then no girls or boys will want to play with them (all in good fun, of course). And I told them girls wouldn't date a stinky boy.

So then I asked them what they would do on a date.

Jonas' reply:
"I would toot."
Excuse me? Sheesh.

Miles' reply:
"I would go to the forest and eat a bear."
To which Jonas then said:
"I would eat the girl!"


erinmalia said...

oh but that's a good thing! jonas cracks me up. was miles going to take the girl into the forest and show her how he eats bears?

courtney said...

ha ha - fabulous. i would toot? that sounds like something sam would say. classic.

Brooke said...

Oh my gosh! This totally made me snort out loud. :) Awesome. Those boys are too dang cute.

i {heart} hawkes said...

100% boys. love it.

Niederfam said...

dying laughing, i can TOTALLY hear myself having that EXACT conversation with my boys!! truly. makes me feel better!! thanks!!! ;)