Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another person's trash. . .

was my treasure today.

As I was coming back from my run, I decided to take the "alley road" behind our home. This road is where our "communal" garbage cans are kept and picked up - we all have our own trash cans that we have to take to the communal ones, and those get picked up by the garbage trucks.

Anyways, I saw some really great lanterns - not inside the trash, but right next to it. They were dirty, but I knew they'd clean up easily. So I grabbed 10 of them, plus a child's watering can, and headed home. I rinsed them and scrubbed them this afternoon and then Ben drilled holes and we hung them up. The pictures are hard to take since it's dark and so they are not that great. But the lanterns are really cool.

Yeah for trash!
The lanterns in light - well, in flash.

Not the greatest, but you get the idea?

Here are 2 of them without their "cover." See the cool stars and moons? Their covers broke and so I thought they would make great center-pieces.


erinmalia said...

i'm so jealous of that neat little picnic area you have! even if we had a picnic table, we certainly don't have somewhere that cool to put it. the lanterns are awesome.

courtney said...

i LOVE those! good work.

rebecca said...

So cute! Seriously, the things people throw away . . .